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Reasons for My Addiction

by anonymous

I truly believe my addictions are simply my way of interacting with the outside world without which I feel I am unable to do the things I have so much desire for.

I am running over with ideas for what I believe make me happy. I am talented and strong and in my mind I have so much energy but when it comes to doing those things my mind gets all jumbled up.

I start thinking too much until I talk myself out of what I had wanted to do - it's very complicated - I don't know.


Hi Anonymous

I think you're rationalising why your addiction is okay, instead of taking accountability for it and taking the steps necessary to quit drinking or using.

Yes you may be especially creative and bursting with ideas, but that's not an excuse for an addiction. Here's an idea - instead of letting all these ideas overwhelm you - choose one and focus exclusively on that.

As long as you keep justifying that your addiction is the only way you can keep 'interacting with the outside world' as you put it - nothing will ever change for you.

You might also want to look into exercises like yoga and meditation that help focus the mind and develop self-awareness - to help you to learn to channel your creativity in good ways rather than self-destructive one's.

You might think in some way that your addiction via whatever substance(s) you're using right now is in some way 'helping' you. Remember addiction is a progressive disease and the longer you leave it the worse it gets. Addictions only ever end badly unless you do something about them - so don't wait - best to do something about yours now.

Take Care

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by: Kennyk

the person answering these questions does an amazing job of answering questions accurately and very clearly, but im afraid drug rehab counselors arw very unlikely to encourage this: I am almost certain you have ADD and can EASILY beat the issues you live with by getting treated for it. i have turned my life around and have never been happier than i am today, and this was only possible because my dr. And i figured out i was ADD To beginwith. Ask your dr. If you might have this issue. It can dramatically change yourlife for the better, it did for me.

Good thinking
by: Kennyk

I am a recovered vicodin addict, and the reason i was prone to addiction is almost identical to yours that you described. you could have ADD, or ADHD and your drug use is more of self medicating to overcome low confidence, the add itself, etc. just a possibility that might be worth looking into. Your asking the right questions though, and holding yourself accountable and getting to the bottom of why you take drugs to begin with is what i did, and its the only way to fix this, and get your life and happiness back. Good luck, and dig deep life is so much better than you think. fight for yours

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