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Party Girl Gone Awry! My Destructive Sister And Her Alcoholism

by Meadow

My older sister use to be fun to be around. She was always up for partying. Until one day I stopped by in the morning and it wasn't even 11am yet and there she was with a drink. That is when I knew she had a problem ...

She tried to encourage me to have one with her, but I said NO WAY! It's too early, I still had a lot of things to do. She was really a fun loving girl, always ready to help with anything I needed, even financially. When I had major anxiety disease she took me in. Something now she never let's me forget.

However she does forget the things I've done since then to repay her. She just flat out denies that I or anyone in our family has ever done anything good for her. We are a close family and squabbles we are never short of, but when push comes to shove we all love each other very much. There is no denying that.

If I had to guess I'd say she's been hitting the Vodka for about 8-10 years now. She's diabetic type 2. Not doing a thing about it. She has become just a "MEAN PERSON." Not caring about what she says or who she hurts. We all walk around on egg shell's waiting for something to set her off.

Like I said we are close and the living situation is that we all live next door to each other. Last night she was so sweet then I was venting about her daughter who lives with me and she just plain told me that "She's done raising her kids" and she basically didn't want to get involved. Things just went all downhill from there ...

She brought up stuff from the past like it was yesterday about myself and my mom and dad. She was just trying to hurt somebody. She did. But we didn't give her any feed back hoping she'd shut up. It wasn't happening so I just got up and left. My parents stayed outside in their yard ( that is where we were sitting).

When I left she left as well. I came back about half an hour later because my parents waved me over. So I figure she'd went into her house. She came back and began harassing us saying my parents having their "CLICK" back. She accused me of not being able to stand up to her.

I said nothing again got up and left. She followed me yelling things like 'Do you remember you had said mom was nuts?' 'Come on, d'you remember?' I never replied. So she yells 'I guess you're not answering because it's true right!'

I still didn't reply because I figure there is no point. She really has nothing good to say about ANYONE. She feels everyone owes her something, she talks her mind (what's left) and just is plain hateful.

My parents had the new neighbors over as an example. Mom went into the house to get some snacks. Dad was entertaining the neighbors and telling them a funny story about his mother, when my sister interjected that its too bad they never met her (my dads mother). She was a great woman - she had my mother under control and then she laughed!.

We all ignored that remark and my dad just lowered his head. I changed the subject. We can't entertain anymore and that is sad. She doesn't even go to the liquor store anymore - she gets her husband to go.

She does get to me a lot of the times. I cry at night but all in all I am ok I guess. She really does live in the past but I've come to understand that the reason she lives in the past is because she's too drunk most of the time to have new memories.

It's like all she remembers is the times as kids we got punished and she always bore the brunt. I get blamed for her being fat because she use to clear my plate of food so that mom wouldn't get mad at me. It just goes on and on.

Oh and she's still driving and managing to hold onto her job...go figure. Hope my writing about this helps someone, or maybe even myself.

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