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No Way! I Don't Think Alcoholism Is a Disease

by Erin

Primary - After making the cognitive choice to take a drink and continue doing so until it causes damage. People can get cancer from asbestos but that is usually discovered as a cause after the fact. I have never heard an alcoholic say, "I thought it was lemonade I was drinking for thirty years".

Progressive - Making the choice to continue drinking will definitely cause more problems. Taking one drink will not cause the body to deteriorate over time, but choosing to continue drinking will. Cancer patients do not have the choice to say, "These cells need to stop multiplying and damaging my body".

Chronic - Again, if the individual makes the choice to continually drink.

Fatal - Of course alcohol is fatal, if you choose to drink yourself to death.

The disease concept for alcoholics takes away the need to have personal responsibility. It does not make someone a bad or morally corrupt person, just a person that did not make good decisions regarding alcohol consumption.

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Alcoholism Is a Disease NEW
by: Adrienne Nunez

Alcoholism is a sickness, not a vice. It's a revolutionary sickness, bodily, intellectual and non secular incurable marked by using obsession to drink despite physical harm produced with the aid of alcohol. It's a disease of denial.
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Great NEW
by: Anonymous

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Addiction in general is a mental illness
by: Anonymous

I have been fighting Alcoholism for 20 of my 33 years on Earth. Its taken everything from me. Now its taking my wife and home. In 15 years this condition has progressed. I know very well when I need to drink and how much it will take to eliminate the neurological side effects of not drinking. I drink every morning because if I didn't, I would end up in the ER or even dead. I have been convinced this is a disease. I have profound physical reactions when I dont drink. It feels like I need the alcohol to function and its exactly what is destroying me. Its a mental obsession. I am the vest expert and authority in this matter. I'm living a life that scholars study but so few have actually lived it.

it is a adiease
by: Anonymous

being a addict to drugs or alcohoil i think is a diease. once we become addicted we dont have to right state of mind to know what we are doing ik killing us or even hurting us until its to last so if u havent been there as a addict you will never know.

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