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My Son is Drinking and Doing Drugs. Should I Kick Him out of the House?

My son is 19 years old. He has depression and does not take his anti-depression medicine everyday. He wants to party and does not want to go into rehab.

I have 2 other children, 17 and 8. I feel my husband and I should ask him to quit or move out but my husband is not sure this is the right idea. My son has a part time job and has to pay his own car payment, insurance, and phone bill.

I love my son but I can no longer be constantly asking him where he is and what he is doing. He is lying anyway. What should I do?


It's difficult when dealing with children around that age, because excessive drinking and for some drug use, is part of a phase where regular substance abuse and no sense of responsibility is unfortunately far too common.

The question is, is it just part of a phase he'll outgrow - or will it become even worse and develop into a serious addiction? You can't know that so being rightly worried as a parent is totally natural.

So all you can do is try and teach your son about personal responsibility and making good choices, which if he doesn't do will bear consequences.

And since he's living in your house, you are fully entitled to put boundaries in place, and if those are crossed, then he'll have to bear the consequences, e.g. move out and find his own place.

So try and put reasonable and fair boundaries in place, and then make it clear to your son why you're doing that and what will happen if he breaks those.

That way hopefully he'll at least learn something and if you do still have to end up kicking him out, he'll begin to understand that poor choices lead to undesirable consequences.

Best of Luck

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Feb 17, 2013
Another broken promise...
by: Anonymous

My son was arrested for public intoxication on Valentines Day 2013 and is in jail now....My heart is breaking that this booze has such a hold on him and it is the most important thing in the world to him.

I have to let him go now. He is in his 20's and been to rehab twice.

God bless my son and all addicts. We love you.


Jan 25, 2012
Struggling if I should kick son out
by: Rebecca

My son is 20 years old and in his Senior year of high school his best friend and that guys girlfriend gave him some pain pills and then they starting snorting the pills. My son's will power was stronger than his buddies however he was using and money and items starting disappearing from our house. I brought him to an Addictionologist Dr. where we live and he put on 2ml of Suboxone and my husband I grounded him to the house for 3 months and made him stay away from certain people. He met a girl and she was great, through her inspiration he recovered. That was summer 2010. This past summer the same girl high school who did the pills with him contacted him and started doing morphine. We found out in October and we told him to leave because we have other kids in the house. He broke down and begged us to stay. He works full time and goes to college part time. I drug tested him over the weekend and he was positives for Opiates. My husband and I gave him an choice, either go to re-hab In Patient and quit job and you can stay here OR move out. HE refuses to go to re-hab because other people he knows has gone and they are not better. He also drinks on the weekend with his friends. He got a DUI year ago. I want to do the right thing to help him. My heart breaking as I love him so much and his Dad and I are willing to help him however as hard as it is I need to do the right thing. Any feedback is welcome.

Sep 17, 2011
Natural Cure for Alcoholism
by: Happy Mom

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P.S: Though I struggled a lot to find those ingredients, am happy that medicine is now available readymade at this website

All the very best!!

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