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My Son is Doing Drugs and I Want To Get Him Help

by Donna

My Son has lost his job because of drugs. I think he is doing it in my home. Stays by himself most of the time. I am very worried and can not go on watching this because he has a lot of debt and his life is falling apart. I don't know how to help him anymore ... I'm very very worried because he has shut everyone out - even me. Please help me or I am going to find him somewhere .


Hi Donna

I think you should take your son to an Addictions Counselor who can talk to him and assess how bad he is ... and from there make a recommendation about an appropriate course of action.

He might be more inclined to open up to someone neutral and not involved with the family, and that's why I feel an Addictions Counselor would be a good place to start ... to also get him talking about what he's feeling and going through.

It sounds like he's also depressed so taking the drugs just perpetuates the problem. Depending on the severity of his use, he might need to go through a proper addictions treatment program, that will help him get his life on track again.

But you also need to understand something, and I know it's hard for you because he's your son and you want to help him. He has to WANT to 'get better', stop taking drugs and turn his life around. You can encourage and support him ... but unless he wants this for himself, it's unlikely anything you say or do will change the situation.

Encouraging your son to go see someone as I suggested is a good place to start ... and then see how things develop from there. With a bit of luck he'll be receptive to getting help, but understand that isn't always the case.

To gain a better understanding of how addiction affects someone you love and how you can best deal with that - look at joining Naranon, which is for family and loved one's of addicts. The support you'll get there will make it much easier for you to get through this.

One thing to be careful of is that in trying to be overly supportive, you don't enable your son's behavior. He has to learn to take responsibility for his life and where he finds himself ... and so he is the only one who can make the decision to change and turn his life around. You are powerless over the choices and decisions he ultimately makes unfortunately.

I wish you the strength and courage to get through this. Your son's path will unfold as it's meant to, so you need to have faith everything will work out as was meant to be.

God Bless

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Oct 22, 2015
My Son Is On Drugs And I Want To Get Help!! NEW
by: Anonymous

please help!!! my son is 24 years old and on drugs. I don't really know all of the drugs that he is one but I do know that marijuana is one of them. He is angry all of the time, he walks a lot, he stays in his room and has nothing to do with the whole family. I do know that part of his issues that he is dealing with is the fact that his father was never a part of his life and my son was very hurt by this. I have tried to tell him numerous times that it is not his fault and it was nothing that he or I did to cause this. My son is very smart and was very athletic in high school; never got into any trouble. I feel that his heart is troubled and I don't know what to do anymore. It is breaking my heart. I pray for him everyday that's all I know to do at this point, but I feel like if I don't intervene somehow I may lose him forever, and that scares me. I have put it in God's Hands at this point. Pray for me.

Jul 21, 2014
Need help for my son he doing drugs an alcohol NEW
by: Esther

Hi my son is doing drugs and alcohol, 4years ago my son was chop by another guy with a chopper really bad on his left shoulder, he spent several weeks in the hospital, he had so much pain, I taught I was going to loose him, he continue doing drugs and alcohol. April gone my son got shot in his right shoulder, I was really sad and hurt cause I feel like i'm not helping my son the right way, I took him to live with his sister thinking he's going to change his life around, but it didn't stop him from drinking and smoking, I cry so many times and pray to God that he's going to change. when ever I speak to him about getting help he always get upset and said I don't need help, I am so frustrated so scared I don't want to loose him. he is 24yrs and I want to get help him for, with tears in my eyes help my son please

Jan 06, 2011
i need help!!!
by: Anonymous

Hi my name is Elaine Roath
My son is on drugs,we try to help him but we think he dont want to get help seriesly what should i do to help? its killing us waching him lies to us? some time i fell like i wish i was dead instead go throuth this i just dont know what to do any more.My husband and i fight a lot because we disagries a lot of thing can you help me/

Jan 02, 2011
my just left to sign hisself in rehab
by: Anonymous

My son just left to sign himself in rehab. He states he is very depressed and turned to drugs to ease the pain. I am happy to say that he is doing it on his own to better himself. I am very sad over this ordeal and do not know if he will be helped. I read stories of others going in and out struggling with the addiction. Could it be an addiction or just a crutch? Will depression meds help? So much is going through my mind and my heart is just aching.

Feb 18, 2010
my son on drugs
by: peggy

My son lives at home he is 25,he lost his fahter at the age of 15.It was never the same, my son was picked up for durges he want to a half way house for 7 months he did good he worked he want to his class. but once he got out he got back on them. I see that my son still crys for is dad,I just do not have the right words to say to him.I have just left him alone, he stay in his room he keeps to hime self,he leaves for days, comes home and back to the room.I am so lost it hurts to see him like that, I fell he has no respect for me, I know he has done them in the house.I will tell him! you have to get a job you can not keep going on like this. he will say I know i am but it is the same thing were do i start,I am feel like i am telling him it is ok,because i am not doing anything. where can i start,arcane

Jan 20, 2010
Let him find his way
by: Anonymous

My son is also addicted to drugs and I've tried everything to help him and get him to change. He's been to rehab numerous times, lost his job, been arrested and yet every time he goes back to his drugs. That's just the insanity of addiction. Eventually we had to kick him out because we just ended up enabling his beavhiour my providing him with a safety net to always return to. I mean he even started stealing from us. I've had to learn that I am powerless over my son's addiction, and that his life will unfold as it's meant to. I never lose hope that he'll find his way eventually, but I know there is nothing else I can do to help him get there.
Best of Luck

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