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My Son is a Heroin Addict. I Can't Stop Crying.

(Nowhere, Land USA)

I awoke to feel the deepest lose of my life, again. I think a little piece of me dies every time I see him. He has been an addict for 10 years. My son is still sleeping, the only time his physical body gets rest. But soon, he'll be out, rippin and runnin. His track marks tell the story. He has open sores everywhere. He told me not to look. God, please take my pain. Is anyone here, on this board? Answer

Watching a child destroy themselves through drug addiction is one of life's great tragedies. You want to help ... would do anything to help ... but you soon realise unless your child wants help and really wants to overcome their addiction, there is little you can do.

The only solace we can offer is that you simply have to let go and trust that your son's journey is unfolding as its meant to. We don't know the lessons others have to learn, and so we have to believe all the hardships, we and those we love go through, are part of our spiritual evolution.

Unfortunately life doesn't always make sense. Things don't turn out as we hope. So try and find people you can share your pain with, groups like Nar-Anon are wonderful in that regard.

Because one of the most fundamental concepts of watching a person we love struggling with an addiction is that of powerlessness. Once we realise we're powerless to control their choices, we can finally let go and surrender to 'whatever must be, must be.' And in that process our pain starts to heal.

So right now, we hope and pray your son finds a way out from his pain and suffering. But don't let his choices stop you from beginning your own quest for healing and recovery. Good Luck and God Bless

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by: Anonymous

Help, my 24 year old son is a heroin addict,he has been through treatment,he is using again, he has had the most amazing girlfriend of 7 years who is ready to bail, cannot blame her, my husband has been battling stage 4 colon cancer almost 3 years, is terminal,he is in remission now, feel like our son is ruining the remission, at my wits end what to do? I cannot eat, hardly function.

Almost been a year since I posted this??
by: Anonymous

I forgot I posted here! I'm sorry I've been so caught up I couldn't even respond to other posters kind comments. Thank you to all who took the time to respond. A month after I posted this, my son was arrested with charges big enough to hold him for awhile. He has no choice but to stay clean for the next several years. He's been through jail, where he detoxed, finally he's clean! He's been through treatment and just moved on to a halfway house. He has a job and just finished working a 40 hour week. I took his daughters to visit him on Sunday, and for the first time in 10 years, I saw a glance of the man my son was before the drugs took over and it was good. I know he has an uphill battle in front of him, but for today, he's clean! I have faith that he'll be able to stay clean with the help of the groups he's now involved with.

by: Anonymous

i feel your pain. my son is 33 yrs old. all he does is get high. i feel like im losing my mind. i love him with all my heart. he got arrested. i know hes going to flunk a drug test and go to jail. i dont understand. i just dont understand. i feel like every day is filled with so much pain. i feel like heroin is just taking over his life more and more. its getting worse.ive lost 25 pounds. i have no appetite. i keep asking myslf. what can i do? i could have him sectioned. is that the answer? someone please give me some advice.

Your not alone
by: Anonymous

You are definitely not alone. Our 23 year old son has been in rehab twice, and today is back in detox. We have tried suboxin and different doctors. I guess we want help for him more than he wants it himself. he has a one year old boy and we prayed this would change his life in a positive way, but he continues to play games with various drugs including heroin.I wouldn't wish this nightmare on anyone. we have dealt with this for over 7years. We pray for all that suffers through this addiction.

It's hard to even read it
by: Anonymous

Sad story, I feel your pain.
Have you ever tried to get him to a rehab?
It's worth trying, perhaps there is an expert that could help, someone that is more capable than you in this situation.

My daughter is also a heroin addict
by: Angela

I am sorry you are having to deal with this with your son. My daughter is 20 and addicted to Heroin. I posted my story and question on here but its not even the half of it!! I live in one state and she lives in another with my parents. To top it off, my grandson is 1 yrs old. and of course my mom and dad take care of him (thank god)but there is nothing I can really do about it! My husbands job and my job are great jobs and we are lucky to even have one...Anyways, my daughter sleeps all the time too! But when she is ready to go do her partying, she gets up, gets ready and goes.....If you ever need to talk, I am here. I can go on forever so I will go now but I am here. :)

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