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My Son Is a Drug Addict: Help Please I Am Begging!!

by Shawn
(Mt. Morris MI)

My 19 year old son is addicted to drugs and is an alcoholic! He moved out about 2 weeks ago! I know he is by law an adult but he is in no way shape or form one! He has been calling telling me everything from he loves me, to he is going to kill me, or wishes I would die!

He has a minor in possession charge and I have begged the courts to help me help him, and they will do nothing! The police won't help and everywhere I have went or called tell me nothing I can do and suggest I go get counseling!

Is there anything I can do? I want to save my son before it's to late and I lose him to the streets or worse yet get the phone call every parent dreads! Please if anyone has suggestions I am so lost and just want help!! Answer

Shawn, your son needs professional help and the best thing you can do for him is try and get him into a drug and alcohol rehab program. That kind of focused, intensive treatment is what will give him the best opportunity to get clean and start a new life.

You can't change your son. He has to want to change himself. But by getting into an addiction treatment program it will hopefully open his eyes to the fact that he can have a better life and doesn't have to continue down his path of self-destruction.

It's important that you also educate yourself on how best to go about helping your son, because it's important you don't enable his behavior. That's why groups like Al-Anon and Nar-Anon can be so powerful, because you can learn from other parents and family members about how they've approached things.

Do whatever you can to get your son the treatment he so badly needs. That will give him a chance. And the longer the program you can get him into, the better. Most 30 day programs don't give a person enough time to integrate the principles of recovery into their life, so upwards of 90 days would be ideal.

As hard as this is, try and stay calm so that you can focus on getting help for your son. And you just have to trust that somehow everything will work out as it's meant to. You want to protect your son, but his destiny will unfold however it's meant to. That's can be difficult for a parent to acknowledge, but it's something we all have to do at some point.

P.S. As hard as this is Shawn, you also need to educate yourself as to what is involved that will give your son the best possible chance of recovery. Because there are ways that are helpful ... and others that are harmful despite the best of intentions. That's why I put together Help! My Child Is An Addict because it will tell you exactly what you can do to help your son. So I encourage you to check it out which you can do Here.

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by: misty

I myself am a recovering addict, so I know what your son is going through. I read your message and just wanted to tell you that he can get help, but unfortunately it has to be on his terms or he will not stick to it. You can force him into treatment but if he is not ready to quit, you will just waste your money. I know that is hard to hear; however, it is true.

You should really check out some meetings so you can understand. Your son has a disease and the cure is a program called a.a. or n.a. It really does work, I have almost 8 years clean and my husband just celebrated his 9th birthday.

I will pray that you find some relief in my words and that you can find someone in your area to talk to about your struggles. Remember to breathe, there really is nothing that you personally can do for your son, other than stop enabling him and let him hit his bottom so he wants to get help.

If you google aa or na meetings in your area you should be able to find them. I do hope this gives you a little bit of relief.

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