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My Sister-in-Law Drives Drunk With The Children in the Car

This week I attended my nephew's ball game. I didn't see his mother there so I stayed to see if he needed a ride. Then I saw his mother, red-faced, slurred speech, staggering drunk.

I insisted that I drive them both home but she said she would drive them and another child. I convinced the children to come with me and she drove alone. Now what do I do?

I want to confront her about the incident when she is sober. What do I say? How can I protect my nephews? I have already told the older one that I am ALWAYS available to come and get them. Answer

Simply be brutally honest with her - that she's endangering the lives of her children (and other road users) by driving drunk like that, and how would she feel if anything happened?

There is just no justifiable reason or excuse for that kind of behavior. Does her husband know? Because he should - and someone should tell him. And if you ever see that happening again, call the police instantly so she can get arrested.

You simply have to be confront her and make it clear to her how unacceptable her behavior is. And if she isn't prepared to listen or take you seriously, involve other family members to also talk to her.

Driving drunk is one of the worst things you can do, because you're not only endangering yourself, but others too. But doing so with kids in the car, makes it even 10X worse.

So do whatever you have to to get your point across to her, and get whoever else involved necessary (including the authorities), should she not want to change her behavior or doesn't take you seriously. She also clearly has an alcohol problem and so needs help desperately, so get the family involved to help co-ordinate that.

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Alcohoic sister in law
by: Anonymous

My sister in law is an alcoholic and has slowly and steadily brainwashed my brother against me. I no longer get invited over their house to see my niece and nephew.I use to be so close to them. She acts as if I never text her or don't care about the kids. My brother acts like he can't handle much more but stays with this mess of a mother and wife. I feel he blames himself I think this woman has him convinced that he is nothing and I feel he is buying into it. I pray everyday that he goes for help to leave this mess. He looks so sad and she is raging and getting worse. She is nasty to me when she sees me and I can only imagine what she does to those kids. I am at my wits end. I haven't seen the kids in 3 mos. I use to see them every other week. Things have progressively gotten worse from before. I feel she tells my brother stories and the kids about me so they don't want to see me. I really don't believe that my brother believes her but this is all so painful and I miss the kids all the time.

Grow a set
by: Anonymous

I know of a person that is a drunk/sociopath. She would drive drunk with kids in the car on a regular basis. She would show up at her kids sporting events (in the morning) with a travel coffee mug in hand. (Like the other mom’s) But she would have wine in her travel mug. Eventually her husband finally grew a pair and divorced her. That didn’t help. Even though the father has primary custody of the kids, she still fights to have a little custody. Why, because she views the kids as a money maker for her. This person is sick. Attempts to help her have gone in gain. With two DUI’s and still waiting a trial, this person is a great danger to her kids and everyone that is on the road.
People such as this don’t understand their problems. As they view it, their fine. That’s the problem. To tell you the truth, this person is past help. This person needs to be taken off the road and away from her kids.
I feel the only way you can help a person with an alcohol or drug problem is to show them their problem. Take out your cell phone and video them. Later, show them how much of an ass they are. Tuff love is what’s needed.
If you ever see a person that looks and/or smells drunk and is about to drive with a kid, call the cops. Don’t let that kid get in the car. Think of it this way, if you let that kid get in the car and later you learn the something happened. Could you live with yourself?

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