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My Opiate Addicted Son

My son is 31 years old and is totally addicted to opiates and Xanex, from what I understand these two are totally lethal. I know he is a big boy but he is still my baby and I don't know what to do to help him anymore.

The latest was a call from him last evening and he asked me to call my doctor and tell him I was in pain so that he would prescribe me pain medicine and I in return could give it to him, you see the pain clinic he has been going to was shut down and now he doesn't have one of these illegitimate scum doctors that are killing people.

Of course my son is not the only one out there, but I need to do something real quick. In the past 4 months he has lost over 60 pounds he looks terrible, he has a little boy who I have guardianship of because the babies mom is in prison and won't be out for 2 years, my sons new girlfriend has him convinced the baby isn't his and I know she is using also.

I want to get him help before he dies. I've seen track marks on his arms and I know he is shooting the oxycodone. What do I do? Please help ....


Playing your son's game and falling for his emotional manipulation by agreeing to get pain pills for him is not what you want to be doing. It just further enables his drug using behavior and keeps him stuck in his cycle of addiction longer.

Tell him you're not prepared to do that, but because you know the drug addiction withdrawal symptoms are so bad, you're going to take him to hospital to get him properly detoxed, and from there to a proper drug rehab facility.

Your son needs professional help - urgently! But he will probably try and manipulate you into thinking he knows better or to help him get drugs in the meantime ... and basically try make you believe if you 'help' him his way, he'll do what you ask and go for help.

Understand that it's part of the game addicts play - and that you need to be strong. He does things on your terms, no question. You'll help him get detoxed and then into a proper addiction treatment program. And if he's not prepared to do that, then he's on his own. Because if you let him emotionally manipulate you now (which addicts are very good at), you'll just run around in circles and find that all the promises he makes you will be broken. And so the insanity of his addiction will simply continue ...

I know as a Dad you want to do anything possible to help your son. But caving in to what he wants you to do is not the answer. So you need to be firm, insist he does it on your terms, and then take him to a rehab where he can get properly detoxed and go through a proper treatment program for his addiction.

Good Luck and God Bless.

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