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My Mom Is Addicted To Pain Medication

by Alisha

I know my mom has a problem with pain medication, I'm 28 years old and I have been dealing with this for the last 10 years. I know she has dealt with a lot of tragedy and loss and that's why she has a dependency problem but I'm lost on where to start.

Her husband called me today and asked me if I would talk to her because he's at his wits end. I feel he is going about it all wrong, he has his own problems with alcohol and he is just down right mean to her about her problem.

She doesn't think she has a problem and thinks we're all stupid and don't see "she" took someones pills not who ever she tries to blame. She is buying pills from her friend, who medicates herself with alcohol instead her pain meds.

My Mom is taking from her husband and anyone else she can get them from. She is on the meds because she was injured on the job 12 years ago. She now sees a pain management Doctor who also gives her injections a few times a year.

I know she needs the meds for the pain but she is taking them to the point she is falling asleep sitting up. I want my mother to be sober once in my life, before the pills it was meth. What can I do to get her help and how do I start? Who do I talk to? Answer

The only people who can help your Mom are professionals who specialise in the field of addiction. And the best place to find them are at addiction treatment facilities like rehab.

But the obstacle you face getting your Mom the professional help she needs is her agreeing to it, because it sounds like she doesn't think she has a problem (like many addicts do). It's called denial and is probably the biggest reason anyone who has a drug or pain meds problem doesn't get the help they need.

So the first step is to talk to your Mom in a calm, but open and honest manner about her addiction and suggest she gets help and goes for treatment. Typically that won't get you very far, especially if she is in denial.

After that you may want to consider doing an intervention, which can be an effective method for getting a loved one into treatment. But there are no guarantees with these things and the reality is until your mother decides she is ready and wants to do something about her pain meds addiction, there is very little anyone can do to help her.

So you need to make sure your mother's choices don't negatively impact on your well-being and quality of life because you have no control over what she ultimately decides to do. Good luck and take care.

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My Mom Is Addicted to Pain Medication
by: Alisha

Being that my mom is addicted to her pain meds and is in denial I dont think an intervention with "our family" would be very wise. Her husband would never think of himself as an alcohalic (he drinks to the point of no memory and is horribly mean), my step brother is a marijuana and coke user and most others that would care enough are alcohalics too. My younger sister, my husband and I are about the only ones who can talk to her without looking like a hypocrite. I know using the "you cant see my children" card will work, she would die without her twin baby girls. I want to know if any of the help programs work with insurance, Blue Cross Blue Shield? If it has to be paid for out of pocket my step dad will tell my mom to get over it or get out. Which she just rolls her eyes at that phrase. Can I contact her pain managment Dr, for help locally? Or is that not ok to do? I dont want her to get into trouble, I just want her to get help and be my mom and a Grandmother to my daughters. I know deep down (I dont think my step dad realises it yet) that if she gets help evryone in this family and her house have a big eye opener with their own habits.

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