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My Husband is an Alcoholic and I Want to Get a Divorce....

by Jeniffer

I've been married 18 years already and have been putting up with my alcoholic husband. It has reached a point were I cannot stand it anymore. I'm tired of his insults and his aggressiveness.

I have three children that say if I get a divorce they will stay with me. However the house is under my husband's name. He says that I can leave but that he keeps the house. I don't have anywhere to go and don't have money. That is the only reason why I'm still with him.

I want to know if it's possible for me to keep the house? He has another property under his name and three vehicles with his name as well. I want to keep the house but don't know if it's possible? I thank you for your advice. Answer

Hi Jeniffer

It takes courage to make the decision to move on - and so if you feel divorcing your alcoholic husband will be best for you and the children, your decision should be applauded.

But don't let fear of the unknown hold you back. Trust that in the long-run everything will work out for the best. We can't answer your question about whether you can keep the house etc. You need to get yourself a good divorce lawyer and get the right advice. I'm sure you'll find that you won't be left with nothing if you did and that you will be entitled to a certain share of the assets.

However you shouldn't be basing your decision purely on whether you'll manage financially if you did leave. The well-being and happiness of you and your children should be your primary consideration. And sometimes you have to take a leap of faith when doing what you know is right in the long-run, even if you're not sure how things will turn out, because when you do things tend to work out for the best.

So get yourself a lawyer to begin with and take it from there. I'm sure you'll find that you can't be left with nothing if you do. I know it's scary, but doors will open for you if you face your fears and do what is best for you and your kids.

Best of Luck

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Hi Jennifer
by: Tara

Wow. We all seem to have the same kid of story one way or another. I believe that many women stay in the alcohol abuse cycle due to financial reasons. And I am one of them. I used to make real good money, but have lost my job due to economy. Here I am at home with a husband of 25 years, who has been arrested for domestic violence 3 times, AA 3 or more tries, and I filed divorce 3 or more times. But here I am with no job. My lawyer told me that if I move out I am responsible for 1/2 the house paument $600.00/Mo.until the home sells through divorce. If I leave the home I leave with nothing but 1/2 the bank account if he signs off on it. I too have no where to go, and no money to even file the paper work with lawyer(5,0000.00). It takes two signatures on our bank savings account, so I cant do that either. With any luck I will become employed soon and can move out into an apt. Its at the point that I dont even care if I get 1/2 the sale of the house,although I was always the bread winner, he worked on and off in construction. Just had to let my story out too. I will take care of me first when the opportunity comes around that I can get out. Best of luck to you and I surely understand.

It is hard to divorce the alcoholic husband
by: Anonymous

I feel for you, as I am in a similar position. I have 4 kids, married for 18 years, and am finanically dependent on my alcoholic husband. He is a closet drinker and verbally and emotionally abuses me and the kids. We own two properties and I still am afraid of filing divorce papers because of fear of not being able to support the kids and house. I am at my wits end and emotionally can not stand being in the same home with him. I pray that I find the strength and courage to move on. My husband refuses to get help and continues to drink. I am so afraid of the future but know I and you must somehow move on. Good luck.

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