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My Husband is an Alcoholic ... and Has been Sober for 45 Days Now. But it Doesn't Feel Like Our Relationship is Improving. Why?.


I have been married to him for four years .. when he would get drunk most of the time not all of the time he was verbally abusive and physcially abusive ... now since he has been in group and going to meetings and stopped drinking he's told in group that the past is the past and today is a new day and not to dwell on the past.

Well its very hard for me to forget all the horrible things that were done to me - I love him very much and am proud don't get me wrong and I am doing my best to support him through this .. but i have been beaten down so much by him that its hard for me to know what to do next.

I still have that feeling that feeling of dread that he's going to drink again. He's sure down to his soul he will not drink again ... and by the way the abuse was only when he was drinking .. and that wasn't an everyday thing. At the end it was a three day drunk that finally made him want to get help he was so depressed and wanted to die.

He's getting help and I am glad of that. He tells me that I am an alcoholic if I drink one beer a month. I don't agree with that - I like beer and I can live with it our with out it ...I don't have to have it and I don't crave it.

I haven't drank anything since he has become sober to support him. I guess really what my question is or thought is - what happens to our life now? He has more blow ups now more than he did before - at me mostly ...

I try to open up to him and talk about how I am feeling and if it's not what he wants to hear or he disagrees with it he gets upset. I told him the other day that it was going to take a very long time for all the memories of him beating on me to go away and be replaced with new memories.

He started yelling at me saying that if I couldn't get over it that we had nothing. And its not that I can't get over it - it just doesn't happen over night and I think I need time to heal and 45 days isn't enough time after 4 years of abuse ... I don't think.

Am i wrong? Am I being unrealistic? Am I expecting too much out of him thinking I can talk to him about what is going on with me? Is that something I am going to have to not ever do again because he can't handle it?

Before he stopped drinking I was guarded about what I would say most of the time because when he got drunk he would bring it up and if he didn't like it I would get it over that ... so since he has stopped I want to be able to confide in him ... share things with him.

I wasn't attacking him when we were talking ... he took it all wrong. Does he need more time to get better? They have him on medication too for his depression and anxiety - I don't know i found your websight in hopes of understanding more and maybe getting some insight to how to handle what's happening with him ... and to understand more about his illness.


45 days is still very early on in your husband's sobriety. Old destructive behavioral patterns like your husband's anger take time and a lot of effort on his part to be released. So be patient and understand that meaningful and lasting change does take time.

That however doesn't excuse your husband's behavior. It's fantastic that he's now committed to a life of sobriety, but that doesn't mean he can treat you any way he likes. You deserve to be treated with respect - and it's up to you to insist that you get that.

Many alcoholics tend to, especially early in recovery, be totally self-absorbed and think only of their needs in relation to their recovery. And making their recovery a priority is okay. But it doesn't mean partners or spouses like you should be treated badly while they come to terms with their new lives of sobriety.

So you have to find a way to be firm and communicate to your husband that when you're trying to speak to him and help him understand what you're going through - him flying off the handle and losing his cool isn't acceptable. As much as you're trying to support him in his recovery - he also needs to make an effort to support you in your healing considering what you've had to go through while he was drinking.

Because you're absolutely right - 45 days is nowhere near enough on your part to suddenly have gotten over everything that's happened in the 4 years prior while he was drinking. While you need to be patient with him and his recovery - he needs to do the same for you and your healing process. It will take time.

If your husband is working a 12 step program like AA - step 8 involves making amends with those you have harmed because of your drinking - so hopefully your husband will reach the point that he makes amends with you for how his drinking has affected you.

But don't sit and wait for that. As much as your husband's focus is now on his recovery - yours needs to be on your own healing. So you should really consider joining a group like Al Anon, which is for family members of alcoholics, where you'll really be able to begin your own healing process and better understand your husband's alcoholism.

By surrounding yourself with people who understand what you're going through, you'll find find it much easier to be able to deal with your husband because having that kind of support base can make the world of difference. That's one of the big reasons Al Anon works, so do give them a try.

I know it's not easy for you now, but remember change does take time. And don't let yourself be a doormat to your husband's moods. Be firm, be strong and insist that he treats you with decency and respect. If he keeps working his own recovery program, and you work at your own healing process, hopefully in time you'll have a relationship that works and is based on real and lasting love.

God Bless and Take Care

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Sep 15, 2012
always drained
by: my life

This is the worst thing a person can go through.

Jul 24, 2012
My husband too is sober 45 days now
by: Anonymous

And I totally relate to everything that is being said here - I am struggling right now with whether I'm still enabling him in some ways and also . . I'm worrying MORE now about him relapsing than I worried when he was drinking because I've set a boundary . . you drink OR touch me abusively again I'm gone . . I owe it to myself to stick to that boundary . . but what if he relapses . . and I don't leave . . then what is that saying to him . . and I to wonder if he's worth it . . we haven't even been married a year yet . . I love him but do I love him enough; plus my elderly mother lives with us and is involved . . . I feel like I'm losing my mind . .

Sep 15, 2011
Hi there
by: Anonymous

My husband has been sober for about a month now... He was violent and in the end I felt so much despair I was drinking too. We fought and he hit me hard in the face with a phone. Ended up breaking down the bathroom door and choking me. I grabbed a bottle and smashed it on the back of his head to make him stop. He called an ambulance and must have said I'd injured him (nothing about choking me to nr blackout) and so the police came and took me away. I've never been in trouble in my life before. I used to be a 'Police Station Advisor' for a firm of Solicitors and never thought I'd be on the other side. He played the victim like an actor and I just let it all happen. I'd got so low I was self harming and felt like I wanted to die.

I stayed at my parents house for a month after that and eventually agreed to give him one last chance.

Now we're (feels like mostly me) are trying to sort out the mess he's got himself into with stuff - bills, bailiffs, no job etc.

I feel drained by it all though. I work full time and it's all seems to be about him. I feel like going through the motions of a relationship but emotionally I feel a bit numb.

Sometimes I feel like I hate him. It's like there's anger deep in my soul - hidden away because there's no room or place for it. He expects me to be there for him...

Right now I wish I'd not given him one last chance - even though he's not drinking. It just seems such a struggle and I'm not are he's worth it.

Sorry to go on, I didn't really mean.

May 17, 2010
by: Anonymous

Thank you so much .. your comments are comforting and reassuring right now .. God Bless you all ..

May 17, 2010
Stay the Course!
by: Abby Green

You are doing the best thing you can do...being supportive and firm during this trying time. Spouses and other family members often bear the brunt of addiction - and it can be a difficult time. Just try to remember that your spouse has a DISEASE and that you are trying to help find a cure. Good luck to you!

May 10, 2010
Thank you
by: Anonymous

Thank you so much .. I needed to hear from someone not personally involved to say what you said .. I will see about going to Al-Anon for support and work on my own healing ... Thank you all so much .. God Bless you all

May 10, 2010
It make take a while
by: Anonymous

Change does take time. And 45 days is still very much early doors. But any kind of abuse is never okay, so that's never acceptable. Don't let yourself be a victim of that. Leaving then is always the better option. But the main thing is learn to be strong. Express your opinion and let yourself be heard - everyone deserves to have a voice. Also look at getting counselling - lots of healing needs to be done on your side. Your husband does need to understand the damage he's caused will take time to heal. Therapy can help you deal with what's happened. Go easy on yourself as much as anyone. You need to find yourself again so give yourself the time to do that. And if your husband doesn't respect that then you must review your relationship or insist he joins you for counselling. God Bless.

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