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My Father the Alcoholic Who Abused Me and My Mom

by Lea

When I was a kid my father would get drunk and beat me up on petty issues. Sometimes with a broom or a pipe. He would talk abusively all the time. My mother would just stand and watch and say I'm stubborn I deserve it. She went to work while he sat at home and did nothing.

When I turned 18 I went to study out of my country and met a guy I so readily accepted his proposal just to get out of my shitty life. My husband and I are together 4 yrs and we had a baby girl.

My fathers addiction never stopped, He still doesn't work. My mother paid all the bills from my schooling to vacations everything. But he was every time ungrateful and nagged my mother she's shit.

The worst thing about my father is he would compare me with him. If my mother would buy something for me he would say you brought her this you didn't bring anything for me.

He says that because I got married he's become this way, he hits my mother every now and then, he went after her with a knife. He pulled her hair so much she became bald. Fact is after me he had no one to remove his frustration on. He doesn't appreciate she did so much for us. He robbed money from my mothers bag to buy drinks.

Now he wants to go to London and expects my Mom to pay for his travelling and when she said she didn't have the money he keeps cursing her and calling her names. Why should she do for him when he is not even one percent grateful.

My mother understood late of what I had been going through my childhood, how he would treat me every time when she was and wasn't there. Had she understood early she could have saved her youth by being with someone who was grateful and who loved her for being what she was.

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