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My Daughter Has Been Drinking for 6 Months and Is Going to Rehab Tomorrow ...

by Rebekah Easleey
(Burlington, NC)

Mu daughter has been drinking excessively for 6 months and is very concerned about stopping. She has some severe physical and psychological problems and is using alcohol as a crutch.

She is scheduled to go into rehab tomorrow and is hoping not to be there for a long time. I know that there is outpatient rehab but she has been seeing her psychologist who recommended she go into rehab with her psychiatrist agreeing.

I think she is looking for a quick fix for all her problems with rehab but the problems are still going to be there when she is released.

I hope she isn't risking her job by taking the time to do this, but she hasn't spoken to her company representative for fear of being dismissed. (I think this is against the law).


Hi Rebekah

You're right - Rehab is not going to be a quick fix to your daughter's problems, but it certainly is a good place to start, because she'll receive excellent treatment and learn how to start dealing with her problems.

But whatever she does, there is no quick fix, and how well your daughter does is ultimately dependent on how serious she is about making the changes and taking on board the advice she'll receive while in rehab. Positive and lasting change takes time and is an ongoing process that requires commitment and work.

Think of rehab as providing your daughter with the tools she'll need to start dealing with and overcoming the problems she faces. How she uses them however once she leaves is entirely up to her.

Most employers today are fairly supportive and understanding about these things, but even if they weren't there is no way they could fire her for admitting herself into rehab (unless it became an ongoing thing).

So give your daughter all your support. Going to rehab is a positive step and I'm sure the treatment she'll receive will be first class.

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May 17, 2010
No quick fix
by: Anonymous

Hi Rebekah'
No there is no quick fix for alcoholism but in patient rehab is the best way to go. Yes her problems will still be here when she comes out but it will be very important for her to continue to see her therapist and go to AA meetings. The meetings will be her support. With the education she will receive in rehab continuing with her therapist and attending AA meetings she will learn to cope with her problems without reaching for a drink. It is important to find the right AA meetings. She needs to feel comfortable at the meetings she attends so she can speak freely and honestly. Her fellow members will give her the support she needs. I see a big difference when my husband stops going to meetings.The meetings do work as long as you keep going. As far as her job if she has the time to take off she does not have to disclose her medical condition. There are HIPPA laws that protect ones privacy. But remember if her drinking interferes with her work than they can fire her but they cannot fire her for not telling them or getting help. Good luck

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