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My Daughter Has a Boyfriend Addicted to Drugs and He Beats Her. How Do I Handle this?

by Janet
(Hialeah, FL)

My daughter is 20 yrs old. She is involved in drugs and she met this 25 yr old guy that is very addicted to drugs and when he doesn't have it he puts her for prostitution and when she refuses, he beats her.

He broke 2 of her beautiful teeth totally out from the gums and she lives on the streets. She says she loves him and can't be without him but I feel as a mother she's scared of him cause he might of threaten her if she leaves.

She begged me not to call the police and if I did she was going to deny everything. I don't know what to do, I brought her home the day he kicked her face and broke her teeth on 4/10/12 and she promised me she was not going back to him and the next day (morning)4/11/12 she left and I haven't seen or talked to her.

I'm afraid she's hurt, I am divorced and have 2 other kids all 3 are from the same father so he called the police yesterday 4/16/12. This delinquent guy has other warnings and my daughter said the police was already looking for him but how can I help my daughter, I'm desperate. Answer

Calling the police would be the definite first step Janet, because what this guy is doing is absolutely despicable and he should get locked up for it.

How much the police can do however if your daughter refuses to press charges is hard to tell. Not only should this guy be arrested, but your daughter should get a restraining order against him.

The problem is that the world of addiction can lead to a sick and co-dependent cycle whereby you have situations where people like your daughter get involved with scum bags like this guy, and find it very hard to then break out of that world.

Your daughter needs professional help and to be totally removed from the environment she is in. But if she doesn't want it, then she'll just keep on going back to him. It really is tough for you, because you can't stand by and do nothing.

Talk to the police and maybe some local social workers who deal with people like this living on the streets and see what they can also suggest.

And keep talking to your daughter, and keep doing what you can to get her into a program, and maybe once she's clean and starts seeing things more clearly, she'll come to realise how bad this guy really is for her.

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that is right NEW

I also consider that calling the police is the best way to resolve the situation. Of course your daughter does not want that, but I am sure that later she will be thankful to You!

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