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My Boyfriend's Alcoholism: Broke Up With Him. Couldn't Take It Anymore

by Me

I just broke up with my alcoholic boyfriend of 3 and a half years because of his addiction. I feel horrible about myself and I wish I could be there to help him but there is only so much I can go through.

He thinks I am "giving up on him" but I have been there for 2 years. The first year I drank along with him but I am just sick of it. He can drink non-stop day and night, we lived the three years together and I was always finding bottles around.

He was 26 and I was 23 and we were trying to get through school without our families around and he was sometimes bringing up suicide so I felt like I couldn't leave. But I do love him and I do want him to be able to quit but one thing for sure is that he needs help, he does drink to numb his emotions.

It's so sad, he is such an amazing, smart, driven guy when he isn't drinking. I have begged him and just cried to let me pour out the alcohol I found and he wouldn't let me. I always would pour it but sometimes he heard me pouring it.

I just thought for I was being too much of his mother than a girlfriend and it wasn't fair to either of us. I like to drink about once a month and he likes to make excuses to drink for everything and if the event is a week in the future he will want to drink for it that day.

I felt trap. It wasn't like I didn't do anything wrong. I had all different types of problems with anxiety and that couldn't have helped but I have told him for months and months now that I would leave if he didn't stop drinking and I have found about 15 large bottles of booze and a bunch of little liquor bottles.

For the first time I feel there is a chance he might try and get help. I never thought at the age 23 I would have been through this but it's what Stephen is living through every day since he was 18.

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Jun 30, 2012
I know it is the hardest thing but sometimes when u love someone. U have to let them go,to help them help themselves
by: Anonymous

I haVe been with my partner for 17 years,we have three children together.He decided that he would like to try heroin since then our relationship has gone way down,I have decided to take my children& leave,but still allowing him to see his kids,I have tried& tried so many many timed to help him,but he would still steal lie& mentally abuse me& the kids,if I don't leave I would never forgive myself for my Childrens sake,it is very hard for me to leave,but I know I forgive love him alwAys but it's time to let go& hopefully he will try to heal himself,I will send him love& light everyday,but that's all I can do,he has to want to help himself for his sake& walking away sometimes doesn't mean u font love them or care,it actually is the best for everyone.

Nov 24, 2011
Feel for you
by: Katherine

I am sad to hear that you're going through this at such a young age. Sounds like you're feeling very guilty & want to help your boyfriend but there is only so much you can do. I live with but am preparing to leave a heroin addict & it's one of the hardest things i've had to do. I am overwhelmed with feelings of grief every day but there really is no other option. I have begged, screamed, threatened & cried but that did'nt stop him from using. It has taken a long time but it is absolutely neccessary that i leave so i can regain my sanity & possibly have a life. It's impossible for us to cure someones addiction, it's up to them. I know how hard it is but it is important for you to start looking after yourself & find peace in your life. I wish you all the best & hope you find the courage to help yourself.

Nov 16, 2011
My Boyfriend's Alcoholism
by: jill

If you do not stay permanently out of this relationship you could become like me. I stayed with my man, addicted to drugs, and ended up in a marriage of over 30 painful years. I kept hoping that things would change, but they did not.

I finally divorced my husband and I have never been happier. I have a new life with good friends and new interests. However, I am 62 years old.

And although I have two wonderful children to show for my 30 years of marriage, I know that I wasted so, so much time on an unhappy and no-win situation. Don't end up like me......

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