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My Boyfriend is a Past Heroin and Methadone User/Addict and is Occasionally Using Other Drugs When Coping with Stress.What Treatment is Best?

by Nicole
(Milwaukee, WI US)

My 34 year old boyfriend has been using and abusing a variety of drugs since his early teens. Heroin was his main drug of choice. For the most part he has been clean of heroin use the last three years.

He replaced the heroin addiction for a methadone addiction. He has attempted rehab, group therapy, and self-treatment. He has had periods of being clean but always relapses. The last few months he has had very little methadone use, mainly he has used it when symptoms are intense.

He desperately struggles with depression, anxiety, and PTSD. The last two months physical symptoms have surfaced very little. He has over the last few months dealt with stress by occasionally snorting xanax, swallowing perk 30's and tylenol 3 or 4's.

I'm frustrated and he is as well. He desperately wants to be done. He will do well for some time and will justify taking a pill because he takes very little. Everything will be great and he slips up with a pill or two. He is willing to get help but really can't afford help. The free or inexpensive programs he has been unhappy with.

He is starting a new job and will have insurance in 90 days. I don't want to leave him. We are desperate but I have little experience in this area. Please give me some suggestions or advise. Thank you. Answer

Hi Nicole

When numerous attempts at recovery from drug addiction have failed, then it's time to consider long-term rehab. Most rehab programs are 30 days because insurance companies won't cover anything longer.

But in practise, 30 days isn't long enough for most long-term drug addicts to make the changes necessary to stay clean for any length of time. There is just too much stuff they need to deal with on an emotional, physical and spiritual level. So your boyfriend needs to get into a long-term program, ideally 90 days or longer. I know some programs even run as long as a year.

Yes, that is a huge commitment, but if your boyfriend doesn't take extreme measures and do what it takes to beat his addictions once and for all - what kind of future can he hope to have and how can you two ever hope to have a healthy relationship?

So do the research and look into what kind of programs like these are available. Many treatment centers are also open to arranging affordable payment plans if cost is an issue, so don't let a lack of finances stop you.

When there is a will there is a way, and if you search hard enough you'll find something. The fact that your boyfriend wants to come clean is a great start, now it's a matter of finding the right program for him.

Best of Luck

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