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My Alcoholic Husband Quit Drinking but is now Addicted to Over The Counter Drugs...

I just left my husband of 7 years because of his addiction to alcohol and over the counter drugs such as Allergy Pills or Night Quil. He stopped drinking because it was too hard to sneak by people.

He started taking allergy pills, night quil, or steals family members prescription to get high. He went to AA, Celebrate Recovery, and together we did counceling with 3 different pastors. Nothing worked!!! We have 3 little girls together and he would get high many times while I was working and he was taking care of them.

Yesterday 11-4-10 my kids and I packed up and moved out. Sometime people must hit rock bottom to realize they have a problem. Now I am praying he finds a rehab and gets better for his kids sake and his health.


If you've done everything you can to support your husband in overcoming his alcoholism and over the counter drug addiction, you can be at peace knowing you've tried to be there for him, but that he's chosen to continue the destructive life of his addiction despite your efforts.

Because ultimately your husband has to want to change and beat his addiction for himself. You can't force him. And if he hasn't reached that place yet where he's ready to turn his life around, you can't let him continue to drag you and your girls down with him.

Hopefully your leaving will plant the seed in your husband's mind that he needs to re-evaluate where he's at, and will seriously make him consider getting professional help and going to drug alcohol rehab. And if your leaving does eventually lead to that because its helped your husband reach his bottom, you'll have actually have done a good thing, because you will have played a part in saving his life.

So well done on having the courage to take action and do what is best for you and the kids. Lets just hope that it leads to your husband taking a long, hard look at himself and going on to get the help he so desperately needs.

Good Luck and God Bless

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