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My 29 Year Old Daughter Is Addicted to Vicodin

My daughter is addicted to prescription drugs mainly vicodin. She gets them from my husband who legally gets them from his doctor because he has a disease and they help his pain. She started stealing them from him 5 or 6 at a time and them when he caught on he tried hiding them but she would always find them.

Then he started selling them to her at a high price hoping that would keep her away but it only got worse. Now she has figured out what day his prescription is delivered to the house and will be there to intercept the mail and force him to sell her some anyway - which can including being physically abusive. She will not leave until she has them.

If I take the bottle to work with me she will be there when I get home and refuses to leave until she has some. She started out taking maybe 4 a day now I know there are days she takes between 10-20. Talking to her is impossible - I've tried on several occasions. She has gone to rehab 2 times in the past but being clean only lasts a short while.

She is married with 3 children and beside the problems she is causing between me and my husband - and especially my husband who runs out of the pills - I'm afraid she is killing herself or something is going to happen to the kids. I'm mentally done I can't take any more, she makes me feel like it is my fault and I'm doing everything I can think of to make it stop. What can I do? Answer

If she ever gets physically abusive, call the police, because having someone threaten you or get abusive (even if a child), is under no circumstances acceptable.

What does your daughter's husband make of all this? Because perhaps its time to start getting him more involved in this - it's also more likely he'll have greater influence on her than you and your husband will. Because he should be doing everything he can to get her professional help, especially for the sake of the kids.

But if the message doesn't get through to her or her husband that the way she's behaving can't continue - then tell her she leaves you with no option but to get Social Services involved - because how can someone addicted to drugs fulfil her duties as parent and mother?

Another option would be to get a restraining order - basically you need to look into all the legal options available to you and how the authorities can help you. Because the bottom line is that your daughter isn't going to do anything about her addiction unless she wants to, which is something you don't have a lot of control over.

But you should be able to feel safe in your home and not have her intimidate you and your husband when she needs her fix of vicodin. She's been to rehab and had every opportunity to turn her life around, so if she doesn't want to make use of that then that's her choice, and little you say or do will make her change her mind.

So if you have no other option, use the law and whatever legal means you can to make sure at least she stops harassing you and your husband to get her vicodin. Because what she's doing also amounts to theft so there must be ways you can have the authorities help you put a stop to her behavior.

Obviously your husband selling her the vicodin was not ideal, especially considering her history of addiction, but be that as it may, hopefully using some of the above suggestions you'll be able to put a stop to her taking advantage of you.

There is just so much ground to cover in terms of what you all need to be doing regarding your daughter's Vicodin Addiction to make sure you're helping her in the most effective way, but also ensuring you protect yourself, that space constraints don't allow me to go into here. That's why I put together a Book called Help! My Child Is An Addict which really covers everything you absolutely need to know about how to deal with your daughter's addiction, and how to make sure you look after and protect yourself in all this. See For Yourself Here.

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how to get her off the pills
by: Anonymous

It may sound like another problem instead of a solution but it will really help her get off the pills to get her enlisted into a methadone clinic. The clinic doses you daily, gives you urine tests, and the medicine lasts all day sometimes until the next day. It blocks receptors in the brain so the vicodin or other drugs won't have any effect on her, she will stop taking pills because they won't do anything for her. It just may be the only alternative. Good luck!

how to get off the pills
by: Anonymous

get her enlisted into a methadone clinic it will really help her. it will last all day and she won't even want pills, and even if she does want them, they won't have any effect on her because of the medicine it blocks other drugs and their effects.

You're running out of time to help this gal
by: Anonymous

This sounds like a disastrous situation. Your husband has made a horrible mistake in judgment to sell her the pills and he is guilty of a felony in doing it so proceed with caution.

Your daughter is taking a LOT of vicodin on a daily basis and her heart is going to give out. It happened in our own family to our early 40s brother. On her previous trips to rehab, was it court-ordered, self-realization, or the result of an intervention? If she hasn't had an intervention before, perhaps now would be a good time. You might consider hiring a professional.

I would also try to have a serious talk with her husband. Was she in rehab after the children were born? How long has she been married? Where does she get the money to buy the pills?

My son blames me for all his problems, too, which is a lie straight from the pit of hell. You are obviously a concerned, caring mother or you wouldn't have posted to this site. Just remember that it's really the drugs doing the talking and not her at this point. Addicts seem to either self-loathe or blame everyone else for their problems, which is a HUGE problem in itself. Until they take responsibility for their actions, they aren't going anywhere in life.

I've seen this before and even losing her children might not be enough to get her off the vicodin. I will pray for you and your daughter. Everyone has a complicated story and I am so sorry that your life, like mine, has been damaged by substance abuse.

i feel your pain
by: Anonymous

i have been in her shoes and when she hits rock bottom and there is no other way to go she will get help she has to want to do it for herself. i hate to here she is doing this with 3 kids. i had 3 kids my self which are now grown. only one has anything to do with me now because of my drug use i hope she gets better

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