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"My 25 year old son is Addicted to Heroin"

by Khandi
(Wisconsin )

My son is addicted to Heroin. He has been using opiates since he was 16. Recently I helped him check into a detoxification unit. He walked out after being there for a day and a half, because he was offered a blocker.

He told me that blockers don't work for him, he says methadone will. Unfortunately, the city we live in has a waiting list for methadone. Getting on the list at this point is by miracle.

Now he is living in his car, I have been begging him to go and seek help. The question I have is: Is there a Marchman act or something similar in the state of Wisconsin. He is not thinking rationally, this maybe the thing that may help him save his life. Answer

That's an interesting question that we don't know the answer to. So you'll have to see whether your state offers anything similar to the Marchman act, because there are more than a dozen states that have laws that deal with the involuntary commitment for addiction treatment.

So best you speak to your local authorities and maybe a couple drug rehab facilities locally because they'll be in the best position to tell you.

Interestingly though one doesn't need to be resident in a place like Florida where the Marchman act is used, because even if an addict just steps foot in the area, a case can be filed. So some families get the addict to Florida so that they can be held there under the act.

It seems getting an experienced attorney to help with this also increases the chances of success, because like any civil procedure there are ways to go about doing things when presenting a case in court.

So do some research whether your state offers anything similar and will allow for the involuntary commitment of your son to an addiction treatment facility, and please let us know what you find out.

Good Luck

If you have a son struggling with heroin addiction - Help! My Child Is An Addict may not only be able to help you deal with what's going on, but give you the cold hard truth as to how best you can help him.

Heroin addiction is one of the worst to have to deal with because overdose and death are a real possibility. The anxiety, fear and worry it causes you as parent are a living hell.

The question is, what do you do? Because if you're reading this, chances are what you've tried to date probably hasn't worked very well. So it may be time you changed tactics and look at other ways you can try and help.

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Help me please NEW
by: Anonymous

I am at a severe low. Put my son in rehab 30 days and when he got home found 2 cash advances on a credit card $500 each within a week. he is is after care rehab,no job yet but is trying to get one. I go to alanon but still am so sad. I paid 12,000 of his credit card debt before but know now to not pay this past 1,000 debt. So hard to deal with. I am so depressed and wish I could escape. My husband and I gave this boy so much love and don't know how this went so wrong. I wish I could just end it all

there is hope!!
by: Kris

Hello I wanted to tell you there is hope for your son and other addicts. They are not alone and neither are you as family members. I am a crack addict and have bipolar. I found a site called MDJunction online and it offers great support without judging. They have all different types of groups for drug addiction and family members. It has helped me alot. I wish you all the best but know this it is not what you can do for your son,he has to do it himself and that is hit his rock bottom and want to get clean. You are loving him thru this and that is all you can do.


by: Anonymous

So before he left the detox unit the last time he took a once a month shot called Vitriol. He has been sober for the most part of 3 months. The shot helps him from feeling any effects from heroin. He also is in the process of getting some outpatient treatment. The shot is a miracle for me, because he cant get high. And it is also for him, but his train of thought is still catching up. I know some people don't think that it works. But today it is working for us, I say today because I can only take one day at a time. I really thought my son was going to die. But he is doing a lot better and I thank god for that.

Cont. again "My 25 year old son is Addicted to Heroin"
by: Khandi

So he finally completed detox. His counselor said he was doing great. I picked up him up and I dropped him off at a sober living facility. He left after being there for a little over 4 hours. I really believed he would go through with it this time. But once again I was fooled. I have not heard from him. A friend told me he tried to call them to get money.
Not sure what to for me? Help I need advice on my next steps. This consumes my life and I feel helpless. For him and myself...

Cont. "My 25 year old son is Addicted to Heroin"
by: Anonymous

So I am going to update this, I called a couple of attorneys and was told that here in the state of Wisconsin they do not have anything like that, everything has to be voluntary. I think that my town is not ready for a heroin epidemic. Where I live there have been 9 deaths in the last 8 months due to overdoses.

My son is now back in the detoxification unit again for the third time as of today. I can only hope that he stays and completes it.

My Dad got lung cancer some years back, and was given a year to live. I compare this addiction to that. I never know when I am going to get that one last phone call.

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