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My 23 Year Old Son Smokes Pot, and It Is Making Him Lazy and Disrespectful

I am a single mom trying to take care of my family. I lost my husband about a year ago, before that my son was unemployed and collected unemployment. Since my husband passed away my son is getting more lazy and depending on me for support.

When he does not get his way he becomes physical and I hate to say that he scares me and I fear for my safety. He admits that he smokes weed and he also grow it. Every time I try to get help for him he calls me any name in the book and yells at me. He is bringing bad people to my house to sell them weed, and every time I tell him he has to stop he would make a comment that he would kill me if I stop him.

I am so desperate for help specially after what he said to me tonight, he said if I keep talking to him about help he is going to admit me to a mental hospital, he is a pro in lying and he would make you believe anything. I know he needs help but I don't know where to get it for him. and I know he will refuse any help. please help me and respond as soon as possible. Thank you and God bless Answer

If your son is openly threatening you and you fear for your safety - you should call the police immediately, have him arrested and then issue a restraining order against him so he can't come near you.

While you no doubt love your son, feeling threatened and afraid of your son is not on, and he shouldn't be allowed to get away with that kind of intimidatory and abusive behavior. The only to help someone is to make sure they're held accountable for their actions - and your son needs to be held accountable for his threatening behavior and the fact that he deals drugs.

Because if you don't take action, nothing you say is going to change your son's mind. He's going to do as he pleases ... so you need to ensure he no longer does it at your home and is in no position to keep threatening you.

Dealing drugs should in no way or form ever be condoned because it's not only his life he's ruining ... but those of others as well. That's why you need to get the authorities involved so that they can put a stop to it ... and then ask the courts that he gets put through a some kind of drug rehabilitation program as a condition of his release.

Until your son comes to realise that his choices of using and dealing drugs carry undesirable consequences that outweigh the benefits of his current lifestyle, it's unlikely he's going to change. That's why the best way to help him is for him to learn that he will be held accountable for his current choices.

All the Best

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