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My 22 Year Old Son Addicted to Heroin

by cynthia

He started at the age of 17 and used for almost three years. He was "clean" on Suboxone for those three years and relapsed three times. He finally had a good job, a car and paying his bills. We found a nice apartment for him.

Two weeks before he moved in his doctor went on vacation and he could not get a refill on his suboxone. He started to detox. He kept on working until it was bad enough that he talked to his boss, a female owner of a restaurant. She told him to take several days off to get straight. He was in bed those days and on the second day got a call from a co-worker asking if he was coming in that day, that he was a no show the day before.

He got up and drove the half hour drive to talk to his boss ... she had nothing to say but that he was done! This sent him into over drive and spiraling down a path he had seen before. Within two months he was back in rehab, 30 day program, did great, first day home called his dealer.

I have been dealing with this for five years and I have now cut him off. This is like losing your heart, I love him so much but I can NOT control him or his actions. I wait for the police to come knocking on my door, he is either in jail or dead. I know what I have been doing did not work, so I have to let him go and what will be will be. I know I did do everything for him.

Three rehabs in five years, paid all his bills and tried to keep him straight. Tried to believe that he was okay ... the track marks on both arms (veins collapsed on the other) VERY PROMINENT. EMBARRASSING, because he does not care who see them. There is five months left on his leased apartment and his unemployment. He will likely be on the streets again. My heart hurts. No one here understands my pain.

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So sorry anyone has to go through this~
by: Angela

My prayers are with you and your son. My daughter will be 21 soon and had been addicted to pills, stopped because she got pregnant, her and the baby moved to MO with my husband and I, did not like it, moved back to NM and now addicted to heroin. I hate it! I worry about her and my grandson all the time to where its making me sick! They live with my mom & dad, so my grandson is well taken care of but very hard on my parents because they are too old to be taking care of him. She lies, probably steals, and who knows what else....He is mostly with my mom because she sleeps all morning, goes out and does not care. We worry when she does take my grandson out of the house because I always wonder if she is going to someones house to get high and may have my baby with her. I told her she is either going to kill herself, someone or go to jail. She never likes anything I have to say or what anyone has to say for that matter. I do not know what changed but she agreed to move back and go to rehab. We will be picking up her and my grandson next Fri, Fathers Day weekend. I pray this stays into a positive thing and I am so scared. I have to look at these support websites just to keep me sane and I GOD to help me be strong because I feel so weak. But I cannot let my gransdon suffer and I dont want to see my beautiful daughter die...I am here if you ever need to talk. I am new to MO, well been here almost a year but dont have too many friends that I am really close with to where I can feel comfortable talking about this.

22 yr old son is addicted
by: Anonymous

Such a sad story. The pain must be overwhelming. The best thing you can do is to take care of yourself in this situation.

you not alone
by: Anonymous

i do know exactly how you feel, i will be kicking my partner out very soon and i feel like my heart has been cut into pieces and i fear that i will never get over it

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