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Mum Drinks & Can't Handle It Anymore

I'm sitting here at 22:40 on the day after St.Stephens day and my mum is drinking again. I live with my Mum, Dad and little sister who is 11. I am 16. For as long as I can remember my Mum wound drink every weekend and there would be a fight in my house.

When I was younger I didn't really know what was wrong with her - I used to just think she was unhappy or in a bad mood. My dad would start shouting at her and she would be giving him really bad abuse. Abuse that he doesn't deserve. It never got violent between my dad and my Mum but I always knew it was hurting my dad inside.

When I was 10 I remember mum and dad had a massive fight about her drinking the night before and that's when I first really noticed it. I took my sister out of the house and told her it was going to be OK. She was only 5 at the time. My Mum's not an alcoholic but I really need some answers to either make her stop drinking or letting her know when she's had enough of drink.

She's often hit me a slap and once she put my head down the toilet. I'm thinking about asking my dad to move out and get away from her tomorrow because I can't take this any longer I NEED help. I Know there are people out there in much worse circumstances but I can't handle this anymore. I'm going to end up doing something to myself to get out of this mess.


It's something you need to talk to your Dad about because he's the one that needs to be having a serious chat with your mother and taking some serious action.

It's terrible to see what your mother is doing to herself with alcohol, and how she treats you when drunk is unacceptable. So you need to tell your Dad about these things so he can try and handle things.

You see when someone has a drinking problem there is usually very little you can say to them that will make them stop drinking. Often all it does is make things worse. That's why your Dad is the man to deal with this and you need to make your feelings clear to him and tell him about everything that has happened.

So make sure you talk to your Dad so that he can confront your Mom about her drinking and the way she's been behaving. It may mean she needs to get professional help because people who drink like your Mom often do. But whatever you do, don't keep quiet about this. It will even help talking to a teacher or counsellor at school so they can assist.

Hopefully your Dad will take things a lot more seriously once he realises how badly she's treated you before when she's been drunk and it will lead to some major changes happening. You're doing the right thing by speaking out - but the best way to do is to speak to adults you know and trust and who can confront your Mom about her drinking.

Take care and hang in there. Things will hopefully change soon and life will start to get easier. So whatever you do, never give up.

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