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Meharun's Story: My Husband is a Drug Addict

by Meharun

I got married when I was 19 to a 30 year old. Falling in love was wonderful then. He was a great person. We married despite the difference in religious background and against our parents wishes. Little did I know that he was a drug addict ...

During our courtship, never did I sense this. He went to prison several times due to his addiction. Leaving me and my girls behind all stranded each time. And during those times, I have always wanted to divorce him but each time he would ask for forgiveness and to give him another chance.

This time, he has done it again for the 5th time, and leaving me stranded with 3 kids now. I can't take this anymore and am now seeking divorce. It is a painful process that I will be going through but am doing this for the sake of my kids.

My daughters told me that they do not need such a father who is so irresponsible. They are 11 and 10 - and my son is 15 months old. Though the girls are young - they are mature in their thinking.

They have seen how their father had deserted them over and over again. The numerous fights they saw in the house and the times their father gets so stoned taking drugs. Its too much for them to endure.

I have come to a decision that it's best to leave him so that I can provide happiness to my kids. And that they will grow up in a house without seeing their parents fights and seeing their dad going through the vicious cycle of his drug addiction. I hope God gives me the strength to go through this.

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by: Anonymous

im in the same situation my husband and i have 4 children, 11,4,2,1 and hes doing meth. he was so bad he tried to kill me but i gave him a choice to move out of state and get clean or im leaving, so agreed he stayed clean for 2 years and we moved back. he relapsed and got clean for about 4 months and now again hes using... im so scared i have no car, no job, and no where for my children and i to go, please someone help me, i want a divorce and to leave

me too help
by: Anonymous

i am in the same situation i have a 8 yr old a 15 month old and am preganat he was clean for 5 years then relpased i became pregnant unexpected this time and its worse than evr now i cant stand being around someon who is so paranoid because they are high i have no job, no money and no where to go on a waiting list thats 3 years for housing dont know what to do anymore, i dont trust him one ounce anymore and his rage is starting to scare me this time around

good on u
by: Anonymous

i wish i had your guts im in the position you were in only difference is i have 4 kids my life is hell i feel trapped honestly cant cope no more wish i could walk

Be Strong!!
by: Anonymous

Be Strong and trust in your Higher Power, whom I choose to call God!!! When you make a change you will get a new result. Take care of yourself and your attitude will get better and better. It will spread to your children.

Bless you

You Are Showing Great Courage
by: C-P

Hi Meharun

God will give you strength to get through this. What you are doing shows great courage. Remember you are doing this for the sake of your children as much as anyone. You as a family deserve happiness. Hopefully your husband will one day change, but it's not something you have control over. He needs to do that for himself. I wish you and your children well.

God Bless

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