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Lisa's Story - How Mum Finally Beat Her Alcoholism

by Lisa

I'd like to tell you about how my Mum got treated for her alcoholism.

Mum had been an alcoholic for many years - but of course she never thought of herself as one and in her mind she just 'enjoyed a drink.' Her 'just enjoying a drink' however, often meant becoming loud and obnoxious, embarrassing herself at parties and even falling over because she was so out of it.

Mum loved her wine - and would drink at least a bottle a night. Dad of course lived in his own world and either ignored or somehow pretended that the problem didn't exist. As long as he had his football to watch he was happy.

One evening when Mum was in one of her drunken states, she managed to fall down the stairs and luckily only managed to break her arm. The doctors at the hospital told her she was lucky and that she needed to do something about her drinking.

She must have got a real fright because after that she decided she needed to get help. So Dad and I spoke to some people at the NHS who recommended we send her to an Alcoholism Treatment Centre.

Mum spent around 4 weeks there - and now two years later is still sober. She goes to AA meetings twice a week and likes to joke with us that her fall probably saved her life.

I'm just really glad to see Mum and Dad so happy and just want to tell anyone who might read this that alcoholism can be overcome.

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Glad for your Mom
by: Francois

Glad to hear your Mom beat her alcoholism and is going strong. Would be nice to hear if there is anything you as a family have done to support your Mother's recovery process or if you're undertaking and activities recommended for family members of alcoholics or addicts like attending Naranon I think it's called.

Great Post Lisa
by: Anonymous

Having a mother who's gone through the same thing, I'm really pleased for you. My Mother also went through treatment and has been sober 4 years now - and I couldn't be happier.

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