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Letting Go ... and How That's Helped My Daughter Get Into Rehab

by Michele
(Portland OR)

My 15 Year Old Daughter runs away and does Meth. A Protective Parent, I was always cleaning up the mess's she made of life. I got up the other Morning, and remembered the Game of tug A War.

Each Side Pulls on the rope until One Side Falls in the Creek. I thought, "Let go of your end of the rope. Just drop it right there. Take it to the Lord in Prayer. He's supposed to be in charge. Let Go and Let God." I poured my aching, very weary, Heart out to God, "Lord get off your ass and help me with this, LIKE YOU PROMISED YOU WOULD. I EXPECT YOU TO KEEP YOUR PROMISES."

She was found (living) on the Streets later that day, and was in Rehab the following Day, where She is right now. It's a start for the better. As I think back over the hell raising Meth Issues she has caused this past year and where My turning point was, it was to not go it alone anymore, to get out of the way by learning to let go of the struggle and have a serious talk with God in Prayer.

I expect great healing progress to come out of all this. Up to now I expected nothing and got just that. I never thought of Prayer as a helpful resource before, and Someone to bluntly spell out what's been bothering me from the Heart. My Attitude changed when I let go of the mess.

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Let Go and let God
by: Anonymous

Letting go is the only way to help your daughter because you can't control what she does in any event. She has to learn from her mistakes and has to want to reach the point herself that she no longer wants to live a life of drug addiction. Letting go is just as important for you because you can't let someone else's poor choices (even a child's)destroy your own life. Sometimes life just doesn't make sense because there is so much pain and suffering - but we can't control that. All we have any control over is ourselves and the choices we make - so it's important to use that to become the best person we can be. Never stop praying for your daughter, but find peace in the fact that her journey will unfold however its meant to. God Bless

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