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Leonova's Alcoholism Story: Born Into An Alcoholic Home

Both of my parents were alcoholics when I was born. As long as I can remember I could see or smell alcohol in the air of almost every inch of our apartment. What started as mild alcoholism, moved to extremely health damaging addiction.

When I turned five, both my mom and dad lost their jobs and no longer could support our family. We were running out of food, and getting more and more bills in the mail. With more trouble my parents turned to more alcohol.

My mom' health began to decline quickly. Soon she lost all feeling in the lower half of her body, her skin turned a yellow color, and she lost a lot of weight. There was no one to clean the home, cook the meals, or take care of us. Dad stopped coming home and the relationship between him and my mom became hostile.

Every time he did come home he and mom fought violently. Glasses flew and fists flew. By the end of the fight, Dad stormed out mad and mom gained a few more bruises. I remember begging my parents not to fight.

Soon we ran out of food, no electricity, and me and my brother and sister had to take other measures to survive. Mom was weak and needed caring for. Mostly she just sent us to buy more liquor once she ran out on the last supply of money we had left.

When I turned six mom got much worse and finally we took control and sent her to the hospital. That summer we stood at our mother's death bed as she told us the last words we would ever hear from her. On July 20, 1996 my mom died in the hospital a very painful death. The next morning on July 21, 1996 we got news that our father showed up at home that night and died on our bed.

That summer I learned just how much pain and destruction alcohol can bring into a life of a family.

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You can't change your past, but you can do something about your future. So as painful and hard it must have been growing up in an environment like that, use that experience to make you a better, more loving and well-rounded person. I like to think everything happens for a reason, even the families we were born to, and we can learn from all those experiences to shape our futures and become all we can be. Thanks for sharing your story.

by: taz

i too was bought up with parents that drank heavily, and unfortunately it didn't discourage me, my dad recently died in a fall in a pub and flats that i built, my mum is with someone else and my sisters are both married, . i have been in and out of hospital due to fits and bad l.f .t yet my sisters and mum still drink heavily and wont admit they got a problem too, im trying too sort my life out before its too late but i find it hard speaking to other people who are not in the same situation,. i have not been drinking for about 4-5 weeks but i have gone for about 4 months before . idont want to lose my relationship of 11 years due to this and would appreiciate any advice.... p.s im already seeing a alcohol bloke and doctor... many thanks

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