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Jim's Alcoholism Story: I Know I Will Die If I Drink More

by Jim
(Brisbane, Qld, Australia)

I was born in 1964. My childhood was an unhappy one because my mother was very ill and my father who was an ex-boxer with an alcohol problem who was very abusive to all in my family both mentally and physically.

I attended a special school for my learning disabilities for being dyslexic early in life but then attended a normal school for the duration of my education. I left school when I was fourteen years old.

I started drinking when I was ten years old. I shared shandy's (beer and lemonade) with my parents. I moved out of my parents home about one year after I left school. I had no where to go so I went to a refuge. I then worked various jobs but never really staying in one for a long time.

I lived in Coalraine, Victoria and I drank and lived in a friend's car for about a year and anywhere I could for a few years. I met a nice girl in Brisbane whilst working, we dated and whilst we were living together I died in my girlfriend's arms once and ended up in hospital for one week.

I have been in and out of rehab a few times in my life of course. When I think about all the people that I have hurt in my life because of this habit. If I drink anymore I will die and I know this. I have slipped once or twice in the last seven years but I am able to stay sober because I am more frightened of the consequences that will occur from my drinking.

My family consists of two sisters, one brother, three uncles, one niece, one nephew and a new baby on the way to my younger sister. I have a small family now as my parents and one brother are deceased.

I have a lovely unit with a garden now and good neighbours. They look after me and I help them also. My quality of life is so much better now. I am warm at night and I know where I am when I wake up each day.

This is my story.

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Simply put and powerful
by: Anonymous

Thanks Jim for sharing your life. It sounds like you have come a long way. Don't give up.

You are inspiring.

Well Done
by: C-P

Thanks for sharing Jim. You nail it when you say "I am able to stay sober because I am more frightened of the consequences that will occur from my drinking."

Perhaps you could also expand on the kinds of stuff you do regularly to help keep you sober, e.g. AA or any other recovery program you use and what that entails?

Congrats and thanks again.

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