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I've Been Attending NA/AA Meetings For About 40 Days and I Feel Overwhelmed and Sad. When Will My Mood Improve?

by leah
(fayetteville, ga)

I've been sober since May 13, 2011. Recovery really sucks. I have a sponsor and I call somebody EVERY FREAKING DAY! I don't feel like this is worthwhile. I feel really isolated too. RECOVERY SUCKS. Answer

Hi Leah

It's different for everyone. Some feel better almost immediately ... and for others it can take months. We're all wired differently and have our own stuff to work through, and so everyone 'evolves' at their own pace.

Yes it can seem frustrating when you look around a meeting and it seems everyone else is happy and can't stop gushing about how wonderful recovery is. But looks can also be deceptive, so don't judge or compare yourself against others. Your recovery is about YOU and will take however long it needs to.

The big thing to also do is actively work the steps. Because it's in the steps and doing the work that you really begin to change and let go of self-destructive ways of thinking and being. And remember lasting change takes time so patience is crucial. Go easy on yourself and allow yourself to feel lousy if that's how you feel. It's about being authentic and not feeling you have to match up to a certain standard or ideal.

Consider also supplementing AA/NA and the 12-steps with things like yoga or meditation - which help you get out of your head and bring you into the moment, so that you feel more at peace and less frustrated. But the main thing to remember is that change does take time and that if you do the work, have faith that everything will work out for the best.

Best of Luck

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powerless NEW
by: Anonymous

it works for some, but i am not powerless and i don't need someone who hasn't attained half of what i have trying to tell me how to run my life...keep the kool aid

by: Leah

Thank you both. I've been utilizing my sponsor and another old-timer and I've been feeling better. They both assure me that the mood fluctuations are a part of early recovery, and a part of normal life. I'm meeting with my sponsor on Saturday to turn in an assignment and begin the steps. With Gratitude,

it does suck
by: Anonymous

recovery does suck it takes time to see the good in it. i no u have to wonder what the hell people are thinking when u attend these meetings. they understand alot more then you think just give it some more time be 4 you give up it just takes time

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