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I've Been Addicted to Oxy for Almost 4 Years ... How the h-e- double hockey sticks do I bring up a conversation like "I Need Help" to my parents???

by Becca
(Kirkland, wa)

Not sure exactly what to put here, I guess .. Um. .. well anyways. I was a completely different person before ever trying pain killers. My boyfriend got injured and got them and that's how this all started almost 4 years ago.

We're both equally addicted to this crap and even without the drugs we'd be toxic for each other. I know if I go to my parents ... (I'm 22 ... and they are ready and willing to help me do whatever I need to succeed. However don't know about my problem)...Then my life will completely change ... it is scares the living you know what out of me.


Hi Becca

There is no easy way to bring this up with your parents. Expect that they'll probably get mad and be upset - but once they calm down I'm sure they'll do whatever they can to support you in getting the help you need.

Turning your life around involves becoming responsible for your choices. There are no short cuts or easy ways out. And if you are serious about making changes - you're also going to have to bear the consequences your addiction has created for you, which will involve some unpleasant stuff, i.e. dealing with your parents.

If your parents are willing to do whatever it takes to help you succeed - why wouldn't they help you deal with your addiction? Because you're going to need to get the addiction out the way first if you ever are going to be truly successful.

So own up to your parents. Take whatever the consequences that's going to cause for you on the chin - and then make sure you get proper help for your problem. Rehab would be a good place to start.

The danger you're always going to face though is your toxic relationship with your boyfriend. If he doesn't also come clean and turn his life around, even if you do get help, it's going to be a struggle to stay clean. If you keep hanging out with friends or a partner who still uses - chances are you'll be using again in no time.

So tell own up to your parents, tell them you're ready to change and get help - and then try and get them to help you get into a proper addiction treatment program like rehab. From there then it's up to you and the effort you put into changing and staying clean that will determine whether you turn your life around.

Good Luck.

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they will always love you
by: meghan

BECCA YOU ARE NOT ALONE! if you didnt feel guilty or scared then youd be superwoman. I was addicted to cocaine and oxycodone and was terrified of my parents finding out. i finally made a phone call after i collapsed while withdrawling terribly to get an ambulance and called my dad. i cried and told him i had a drug problem and he was almost relieved to know why i have changed. he told me to go to rehab and i did. once you can be honest with your parents you will feel so much better and they will ALWAYS love you. having a family'S support will make rehabilitation easier with group meetings and a 12 step recovery plan. your too beautiful and young to be living this way.
god bless

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