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Is the Effectiveness of Anti Depressants, Antipsychotics or benzodiazepines Compromoised by Drinking Alcohol?

by kevin
(perth australia)

exit stage left

exit stage left

I am a 49 year old male originally from London UK now living in Perth. I am married with three children. I have been an alcoholic since age seventeen. I was able to hold down a full time job until I was about forty. I have given up drinking on numerous occasions to no avail.

My dilemma is that I have gone 'didlow' in the head. I suffered from depression since I was eight and by the time I was fifteen I discovered the cure ... booze. By the time I reached nineteen I was paraletic every night - it was the only way to get horrible thoughts out of my head. Paradoxically the drinking made my condition worse - the morning after I was a nervous wreck.

Fast forward to my early thirties panic attacks would engulf me through out the day. I was still drinking and the only time I felt okay was when I was pissed. After seven years of torment I finally sort help. I stopped drinking and was put on antidepressants - all this did was make me reckless because I spent money like an idiot, on stupid things that I did not need.

Next I was put on valium after a short time my panic attacks went and I started to feel calmer. Through all of this I was still holding down a full time job. Well this is a great time to celebrate I thought. oh no I'm drinking every day again. To cut to the chase I had some sort of nervous breakdown - I have been seen by my G.P, councillors, psychologists, psychiatrists.

I am now on anti psychotics, antidepressants and benzodiazepines, at the moment I am sober, but I am scared I will give in again to the dreaded drink. Does alcohol lessen the effects of the above mentioned meds? I certainly do not want to start drinking again - in fact I hope drinking is detrimental in combination with these drugs because the more negatives regarding the drinking of alcohol the better! Answer

To answer your question in short Kevin, yes. Alcohol renders those drugs totally useless. You'd be wasting your time taking them if you decided to continue drinking again.

In fact the side-effects could be horrific, and potentially amplify your anxiety and induce panic attacks. But we're not medical experts so best get a professional medical opinion.

Have you ever considered getting specialised treatment for your alcoholism? Because many G.P.'s and Psychologists don't necessarily understand the nature of addiction and how to treat it effectively, unless that is an area they specialize in.

That's why going through a proper alcoholism treatment program may actually prove to be massively beneficial, because most today don't only treat the addiction, but also any co-occurring disorders like depression, anxiety, and other mental problems.

So as a start if you're taking all those medications, stay off the alcohol. And then 2ndly, try get yourself into a proper addiction treatment facility. Maybe you're not going 'didlow' and with a different perspective/form of treatment, you'll surprise yourself with what you're still capable of.

Take Care

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by: Anonymous

Alcohol and anti-depressants don't mix and especially the Diazepam, I know many people who have mixed alcohol and valium, that's a good way to OD. I know when I was drinking and taking all the drugs you just listed that my mental problems got worst. I take valium and smoke weed to treat my mental health and that seems to work the best for me now for over three years, in fact, when i got my emotions straight i stopped wanting to drink when i felt bad.

Alcohol and depression
by: Anonymous

Alcohol and depression is a bad mix to be avoided as it investigated your depression symptoms and can be dangerous. If you have depression or are on antidepressants, it is best to avoid alcohol altogether. You can find information and details on this website.


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