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I'm Depressed and Drinking Too Much. Why Does No One Seem to Care?

I think I need help. I am very depressed . I feel like I’m stuck in a hole because of my drinking - and people just seem to walk by and don’t even care about what I’m going through. I have said for a long time that drink is the only thing that helps me feel just that bit better. I have kids and don’t know what to do. Please help!


You don't go into much detail so it's difficult to give a comprehensive answer, but I'll do my best ...

You say that people don’t care what you’re going through – but do they even know? Have you confided or spoken to anyone about what you’re feeling?

I can relate – because I felt a lot like you do now when I was struggling with alcohol and drugs. To me it was so obvious that there was something wrong with me and that I needed help – so I could never understand why no one else seemed to notice or care enough to reach out.

In hindsight now I realise I was crying out for help, yet I also know now that I should’ve spoken and confided in someone. People around us often don’t realise the extent of our pain and what we’re going through – unless we tell them. I was never comfortable talking about these things – so instead kept it to myself, which just prolonged the agony for me and created a vicious circle where I just felt worse and worse, and got more and more depressed.

Don’t make the same mistake I did. Find someone you trust and confide in them about what you’re going through. I know that may seem hard and takes a huge amount of courage, but I promise you you’ll feel a million times better because suddenly you won’t feel so isolated and alone anymore.

Then I suggest you get hold of an Addictions Counselor in your area – and speak to them about what you’re going through. They can then help you map out a plan to treat and deal with your drinking. Treatment of alcohol abuse and alcoholism usually also involves the treatment of related depression, so it will also help you in that regard.

Just take it one step at a time. Right now things can seem pretty daunting so focus on the next step. The first one being to confide in someone and the next to speak to a professional like an Addictions Counelor or Therapist.

You need to take the initiative. As scary as it may seem, don’t wait. You can turn your life around. One small step at a time. Please come back with more questions if you want to and look through the depression and alcoholism area for suggestions that may also help.

Don't give up!

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This book is AMAZING.
by: Anonymous

there is a book called QUIT THE DRINK by jason vale. it is the only book you need. he lays out all that you are going through and explains how alcohol works on you and eats away at you. you begin to understand how you lost your power and let the alcohol have it. excellent source of help if you are serious about quitting, and he doesn't believe in the AA mantra of being a lifelong alcoholic even though you no longer drink. note: i have no special interest or reason to praise it other than it helped me.

Im the same and need an answer...
by: chik

I am a party girl, I have been all my life, alcohol was never an issue although I will get drunk on weekends (not to the point of black outs or anything like that, always "consious") but there is been a couple of times I feel depress and drink every is one of them, last time I was young and thinking I have problems, after a month or so came to my senses and get back to my "rutine" of only a saturday or "important" party, but im back for a couple of months, after years and years...drinking almost everyday...lots of wine...alone or with company WHO CARES! I feel is because im bored and depress after a few situations, I didnt give my self hard time at the begining cause though it was normal, but now, starting to get worried as I dont mind drinking alone in my room and crave that glass of alcohol to help me feel "better" and go to bed...thankfully it hasnt affect my life workwise or socially (as doing some harm to others sort of things) appart from the odd head ache and feeling tired...I like sports, but even when im doing excersise after work I find my self buying some wine afterwards...I always say one glas but it always end up more than that! what is wrong??? do I have a real problem or its just my stress? anxiety? weak goodwill? how can I get out of this routine?

Don't be frightened
by: Maria

Don't be frightened. You can overcome this. But not alone. Talking to someone can make all the difference, especially initially. You could try a therapist, counsellor, someone at AA, phone a support hotline, a friend, online forum. Once you do it the first time you'll find it easier afterwards. There are so many people out there waiting to help you. Just take that first step and it gets easier from there. I promise you.

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