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I'm a Crack Heroin Addict name is Eric and I am a crack heroin addict for the last 2 years. About 20 days ago I decided to quit. For the first 10 days I was having Metadon 40mg, two tablet a day, I'm not bad but the problem I'm facing now is from the second day I felt dizzy and its still going on. Anyone got an idea, because the previous time I stopped using it this dizzy feeling never happened.


Hi Eric

We don't give any kind of medical advice on this site. I suggest you go and see a Doctor so they can try diagnose what may be causing the dizziness.

Trying to quit yourself, especially from substances like crack and heroin is also not a good idea. You should get yourself into a proper addiction treatment program where you'll be put through a supervised detox, as well as then begin treating the underlying issues that led you to a life of addiction. Trying to detox unsupervised can be highly dangerous!

Good on you for wanting to quit ... but this isn't the time to be a hero or be clever by trying to do this yourself. Ask for ... and ensure you get proper help.

For more on what it takes to successfully overcome an addiction, be sure to read all the pieces in the treatment section mentioned above - and then be sure to also read everything in the recovery section.

Addiction is an extremely cunning disease that won't just let you out of its grasp just like that. There's a lot that needs to happen if you're going to win the war against addiction - and that's why getting proper help, rather than trying to go it alone, is definitely the way to go.

Best of Luck

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by: eat me

You all suck. Instead of quitting do humanity a favor and OD you stupid junkies.

Im fighting heroin withdrawal as I type this
by: Anonymous

Yes I know I have to quit like so many other people know but Heroin is a lot stronger than quitting pain killers that I was used to until I made the grave mistake of switching to heroin because the pills were becoming hard to find in the quantity I wanted and without mega doses of tylenol. I have made major mistakes of taking over 35000 mg of Tylenol in a day for days straight. Probably te only thing that saved me from death was I was taking n-acetyl-cysteine in very high doses to try and prevent major liver damage. I guess it worked because I'm still here. My point is I quit my addiction to heroin last Thursday and this is so much harder than the previous three times I quit pain killers with Suboxone and a dr that gave me meds to make me comfortable like trazodone, and Xanax which helped tremendously each time without ever abusing the Xanax. If you are reading this an thinking I need to quit, please do so sooner rather than later because the longer you take opiates, the more damage they do to your "happy" brain cell receptors and it will take a lot more effort and time to do it successfully. If you are like me and always saying I will quit next month o
The Saturday after some event, that time comes and you realize how hard it is and keep using blowing your life savings, risking getting locked up if your buying on the street, the time to quit is now. Do it for yourself, your loved ones. Now if I can only do as I preach I will be in good shape as this heroin addiction of 6 months is so much harder than the pills ever were. Then to not telly my wide ad she thinks I quit 7 months ago, so now I'm I'm a mess that I have to make right including late on everything that I owe on including my 300k, my wife's 1 year old van, my two yer old truck , my kids private catholic school tuition all very late because I have been spending our combined 175k yearly salary on this shit. What a big mistake I've made and now I have to pay the price. God bless!

by: Anonymous

Hi Eric,
Check out
It's a wonderful site/forum for addicts, family, friends...
God Bless You,

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