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I Would Not Call It a Disease but it Can Destroy the Person and Family

by Alexandra
(Raleigh, NC )

I could argue the fact that alcoholism does not meet the criteria of being a disease because we cannot find the cause, directly, or even know if there is a disease present. On the other hand, the disease model can be viewed as a metaphor.

Furthermore, I also feel that something in the body or brain is not functioning right and therefore can lead to self medication, and that can be from bio polar dysfunction to restless legs syndrome to many factors of the person. High Thyroid the list is endless.

Unfortunately, if a person continues down that path and yes, he or she is going to destroy the body and other factors can eventually, lead to other illness or diseases. No doubt that alcoholism can destroy the body but so can all the chemicals that are put in our foods today is also destroying and leading to a lot of sugar addiction and obesity. They are finding out that fructose and High fructose Corn Syrup destroy the liver and how fructose metabolize in a much different way then glucose does.

What I recommend is Lustig's lecture in its entirely and the book The Sugar Fix: The High Fructose Fallout that is Making you fat and sick. by Dr. Robert J. Johnson.

No matter what we do and the choices we make and yes, it can destroyed ourselves and our loves ones and once a person is hook and they want more and more and more. The million dollar question is it a disease and it depends where the person is at and the situation. The issue I have about the disease concept and relapse is that it takes away from the responsibility of the person.

Let's look at the whole picture first and person goes into recovery and detox and get better and goes to therapy and then life goes on a job, upgrading skills, taking care of wife and children if married, and attending religiously service if that in the cards of the person and life goes on and dealing with everyday life.

What about the person who has been homeless and down and where he going or she and you detox and they go into recovery and they need a place to live and might have to finish school and get on with life and chances are in some states or rural communities they do not have these type of programs available and funding available for people to go out and make a fresh start.

Here we are detox and help them recover but then we send them back into society on outpatient bases and no where to go but back out in the street. Yes, they are going to relapse again, I would and what is the point. Here on one hand we say at disease but then, if we had a lot of half houses and support system so they can live again.

Moreover, it appears that everything today is disease including they want to make anger, excessive shopping, and excessive internet a disease as well. I feel we need to look at the problem from the large picture and including the foods of today and what we eat and lifestyle we live and our choices we make in life.

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Open your Eyes....
by: Anonymous

Sometimes I feel like you....but there is a better way...a Higher Power. When you realize there is something greater than can't fathom... you can not control. LET GO AND LET GOD!!!!! Science is great, but it is just knowledge... not a standard to live by. There is a syndrome for everything if you are looking for an excuse. Read the bible and take note....take care of yourself and your attitude will get better and you will infect others around you. Go to Allanon....great program to live by....AA 12 step program. Good luck!!!

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