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I Was More Fun as a Drunk Alcoholic, But Thank God I Quit!

by Jim

I was an alcoholic for 30 years, and am sober for 4 months. It sounds really strange, but my relationships were better and more fun as a drunk. Since being sober my sex life with my wife has tanked, am a nervous wreck and miserable.

Only because I was killing myself will I never touch another drink again, because I cherish every day being here because of quitting alcohol. Better to be an unhappy person, than a dead drunk. Answer

It's great that you've quit drinking, but essentially being a dry drunk is not what you want either. Because achieving sobriety is about more than just being sober, it's about learning to live with a new joy and purpose that was impossible as an active alcoholic.

And the way to achieve that is through finding some form of alcoholism recovery program you can participate in. The most well-known is of course AA, but if that's not for you, there are plenty alternatives. The purpose of finding a recovery program is to do the work that will help you change those destructive mental, behavioural and emotional patterns - so that you can learn to live a life of real meaning and happiness.

But there are no short-cuts. If you're not prepared to do the work, nothing will change and you'll remain miserable. But what's the point? There is so much more to life if you simply give yourself the chance and open to the possibilities you have within you.

You don't have to be unhappy. You can choose otherwise. Good Luck

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It's early days
by: funkyfi64

I have been sober for over 22yrs, and I can understand your attitude towards life. It has taken me years to lose some of the attitudes + behaviours that I had when I first got sober. I simply didn't know any better. The belief that you were more fun when drinking is simply self delusion. You may have thought that you were fun but I can almost guarantee that everyone around you didn't feel the same. That is the thing with us alkies is that we are self absorbed and cannot think of how things may affect others. As you continue to grow along spiritual lines you will find that changes that occur in your thinking will include a natural ability to think in the positive and see things for how they are. Because of these changes you will no longer need the rosy coloured glasses.

God Bless

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