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I Want My Real Big Brother Back

by Nicole Joan Marie K

I'm Nicole. Currently I am twelve years old. My family has been dealing with my brothers addiction. His name is Robert. He is twenty years old.

It all started when he got his wisdom teeth removed, that was when he got his pain medications. Of course, I didn't know he was an addict until that summer. My mother couldn't find her credit card, she was looking everywhere for it.

I was on my bicycle, and I saw my brother turn the corner in his car. I rode down to meet him. He handed me my mothers card, and said "Can you give this to mom?" Everything went downhill from there; he was either stealing my lemonade money, my moms jewelry, or my dads quarter collection, he couldn't stop stealing.

He was sent to rehab, but he got kicked out. It was three days after my birthday the night he was home. I hated him. I hate him. Soon after that, something happened that was burned into my mind.

It happened only a few months ago. It was his friends birthday, my mom gave him money, he and his friend OD on heroin, and I saw my brother taken away on a stretcher. He didn't learn his lesson.

RIGHT NOW, he's passed out in my basement. :"( is there any way to get my Big Brother back? The drugs he takes/does are Pain Medication Pills, Heroin, and he smokes pot.

I want the real Robert back. :'( I couldn't care if this one died, cause he almost did. three times. if he sobered and then something happened, it would be like a piece of me died too.

But right now THAT piece of me is already dead. I want both of our misery to be over. Either him to die, or sober. *I also cut and I am suicidal.

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