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I Think I May Be an Alcoholic

by Mary

I have been drinking since I turned 21, and I will be 32 next month. In the past year, I have seen disturbing patterns develop with my drinking. I have found, that I have switched from drinking only social drinking to drinking because I am stressed/anxious.

I also recently, within the last couple months started drinking more alone than with others. Also, the quantity of alcohol has gone up, I no longer drink one or two drinks, it is always at least three or four drinks, often more. I drink much more frequently than I have in the past, and feel like I lose control and can't stop until I am sufficiently drunk.

In the last month I have spent most days recovering from hangovers, which is worrisome to me. This has hit a whole new level recently, but I'm not sure if it's alcoholism or alcohol abuse/misuse. I alternate between thinking I am and thinking that it is not that bad, but rather just a phase. I don't really know ... what do you think? Answer

Hi Mary

You've talked about displaying the two primary characteristics of alcoholism: 1) Dependence (Emotional and/or Physical). You're using alcohol to fill an emotional need, i.e. stress/anxiety. 2) Loss of Control. Once you start drinking you can't stop until you're 'sufficiently drunk.'

Have you tried this test for alcoholism? Because that will paint a pretty good picture of the degree of your problem. One thing you could try is to simply not drink for a while - and if you manage that comfortably, then try having just a drink or two and stop. If you can do that, maybe you're not an alcoholic and this is just a bad phase you're going through.

But that's probably unlikely. Don't also get stuck on a label. Alcoholic or alcohol abuser - does it really matter? If alcohol is causing you sufficient problems in your life and affecting how you feel about yourself - you've got yourself a problem worth being concerned about - and is something you should act on. Because it doesn't just suddenly go away. In fact it gets worse over time.

Don't be afraid to reach out and get professional help. Get into a specialist alcohol treatment program, and start the process of turning your life around. There is so much help available out there today, you've just got to take those first few steps.

Yes it's scary, but in the long run you'll be so glad you did. You don't want to look back in 10-20 years and wish you'd done something when your drinking first started to really worry you. Because you'll have lost so much in that period. So act now. Get help. And start the process of recovery. You deserve that for yourself.

Good Luck

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Started work AA Program
by: Mary

I have admitted that I am an Alcoholic, and am in AA and working on my program. I'm only at 16 days sober, but it's been an interesting journey. I am lucky because I didn't realize just how physically addicted I was. The detox period was a pain because I didn't realize that I was actually physically addicted and stopped cold turkey with moderate withdrawal symptoms. So far the cravings and drinking nightmares are the worst.

Try AA
by: Anonymous

Treatment does seem wise, but just attending AA meetings for a couple of weeks will help you determine whether you're alcoholic. In my experience, it's pretty unusual for a nonalcoholic to drink like one, unless their in a relationship with a practicing alcoholic and their trying to keep up. Check out Father Martin on utube, and if you have an ipod there are free podcasts of "aa speakers".

Abuse of Drugs
by: Anonymous

Drug abuse is a major problem in today's world. It's basically a human habit that has long turned into an addiction which has taken human civilization by storm. Humans across ages have taken to drug, while the younger section is more prone to these substances even adults have also often succumb to substance abuse. The main cause of concern for worry is the way it can affect an addict life and health. Findrxonline mentions in his blog that The effects are generally both psychological and heath wise. These affects are often disastrous resulting in complete destruction. So it becomes to task of prime importance to fix this problem not only for those who are already addicted but also for those who are already addicted but to prevent the practice of drug abuse.

Yip you are
by: Anonymous

No question you're an alcoholic. Having that realisation is an excellent 1st step. Now you need to do something about. Don't be shy/afraid to ask for help. Go for treatment and get this thing handled now, because the longer you leave it, the more you'll end up regretting it. Life is too short to waste away with alcoholism.

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