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I Stopped "Hard Drugs" but Can't Stop Drinking

by Kevin

Hello, I used to do Meth and coke daily, and would take LSD on weekends. I moved away from the "big city" back to my family ranch trying to put myself through my own sort of rehab.

I figured if I couldn't buy the drugs I would be okay. Now almost 10 years later, a wife and 2 wonderful little kids, I cant seem to stop drinking. The drugs aren't available but booze is.

I believe I drink just trying to find that "high" I used to get. I want help, but my question is do I seek help for meth addiction or alcoholism?

I truly think the only reason I drink is to look for that high I used to get from meth and cocaine. I am truly looking for help and hope this isn't a site with trolls and people that make fun of questions asked. Thank you in advance for any advice. Answer

Seeking help for the whole lot would be the best way to go about it. Most treatment facilities treat you holistically and treat all your addictions ... because there is no real difference in how they go about treating alcoholism or an addiction to meth.

What you've done is simply replace one addiction for another ... so it's about getting to the heart of the matter and looking at what causes you to abuse alcohol or drugs in the first place.

Good on you for recognising your problem and that alcohol has simply replaced the high that drugs used to give you. Because only once you take responsibility for your choices can you effect lasting change.

So the best thing for you to do now is get yourself into a treatment or rehabilitation facility where the process of healing and change can begin. To any addict, alcohol is also a drug, and that's why sobriety is the only long-term solution.

The hardest part is usually recognising that you have a problem and taking responsibility for it - now it's just a case of you following through by getting professional help and doing what it takes to turn your life around.

That takes effort and commitment, but just think what that will mean to your wife and kids. You can do this! Good Luck.

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by: jim

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by: Riley Smythe

The thing is drinking is as worst problem as taking the hard drugs. It would not give you anything good. Convince yourself for leaving it. OR try a treatment. The thing is blog is nice. But the good thing is online custom writing services, it has an addiction and drinking as a big upcoming topic of discussion. In which problems of people related to their drinking habits are discussed in detail.

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