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I Really Want to Quit Drinking.

I’ve been struggling with alcoholism for ages, which I realise now more on reflection than I necessarily have as I was going along. Somehow I’ve managed to sort of keep it together and not let my life slide totally out of control because of my drinking, in that I’ve been able to maintain a steady job, keep paying my bills and all that.

I’ve struggled with relationships though and my first wife left me because of my drinking and nothing since has really lasted once women realise alcohol is my first choice over them. Sure there have been times when I’ve gone through periods when my drinking has been totally out of control, but I’ve always managed to get it together again to the extent that I can do the things I have to, to prevent me from totally losing it.

I’m starting to realise though that I don’t want to keep living like this forever because it is actually a pretty lonely life, and at some point I may just slip totally over the edge and totally lose it. So is there any particular course of action you recommend I take so that I can quit drinking once and for all?


Thanks for your question and writing in. The first thing you need to realise, that as an alcoholic, to quit drinking requires more than just abstinence. Alcoholism affects us on a variety of levels, i.e. spiritual, mental/emotional and physical – so to overcome alcoholism successfully requires a multi-faceted or holistic approach.

Many, but not necessarily all people, begin with some form of treatment for their alcoholism to help them get sober and put the basic building blocks in place for their new life of sobriety. This can range from inpatient to outpatient alcohol treatment programs of even regular intensive therapy. I do recommend going for treatment, but you need to decide whether it’s something for you, and someone like you who hasn’t totally lost control yet, may be able to get by without.

The crucial part however in getting and especially staying sober is I believe in working some sort of alcohol recovery program that helps us change, heal and develop in the areas I mentioned (spiritual, mental/emotional and physical). Here 12 step programs like AA are very good and have helped millions recover from their addictions successfully, or even alternative methods that address these areas can work. It’s about finding something that works for you and that you’ll be prepared to commit to and work at.

You may want to take a look at Addiction Uncovered for some more specific and in-depth ideas as to what you can do to overcome your alcoholism, but the main thing is having that desire and determination to quit (which seems like you do), and then working at it through a recovery program that you’re comfortable with and committed to.

I really believe you can do this so best of luck and take care.

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Much appreciated
by: Anonymous

Thank you so much for taking the time to answer my question (and so quickly too). You've given me some great ideas to think about, but I really am determined to make this happen and turn my life around.


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