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I Lost Five Family Members to Alcohol and Drugs.

by Jeanie

My cousin Tommy only 42 years old

My cousin Tommy only 42 years old

I have no idea where to start as my heart is deeply grieved and broken as I lost a cousin yesterday who was like my brother and best friend. Tommy died from drinking so much that he was bleeding internally and by the time they got him to the Hospital yesterday he died, it was too late.

I lost a brother in 2005 to alcohol and Heroin - he was murdered. I had a friend just last month take her life ... she too was an alcoholic. I lost an uncle 2004 to liver failure and liver cancer from drinking alcohol and his younger brother, my other uncle was drunk and fell and hit his head and it killed him.

My other uncle that was related to the the above who was the youngest out of all of them over-dosed by shooting up. My aunt is an alcoholic and so is my Mother and Father, The ones I am talking about above are the ones who are all related to each other as sisters and brothers and cousin.

My heart feels like it has stopped beating and every day I feel like I cannot breath. The loss is too much and over-whelming. I used to be one of them and the Lord pulled me out and cleaned me up back in 2003. Because of the Lord I am alive and I am being healed more and more every day.

Addiction is not a drug or alcohol problem it is a heart issue. When we walk in deep rooted pain we use what is available to dull the pain which leads to death. When pain lives in the heart it leaves room for the invitation of addiction.

The only one I know who can clean up a life and heal a wounded heart is Jesus Christ. I do not know where I would be today walking through death after death when it could and should have been me right along with them.

Every day I hang on to Jesus and every day I cry out to Him.' Walking through this has opened my eyes. Thanks for letting me talk about it. I will miss them and they have all take my heart with them. My friend kerri is the one who just committed suicide last month, she was drinking at the time. Kerri was only 36 she is the one with the dark hair in the picture above.


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So sad
by: Anonymous

Its sad and tragic what you've been through, but at least you've found The Lord and found a way to live your life with love, meaning and purpose. May your message be an inspiration to others, and hopefully whoever reads this will realise there is a way out from the nightmare of alcohol and drug addiction. God Bless you.

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