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I Left My Alcoholic/Addict Husband

I've left my alcoholic husband of 28 years - not because I wanted to but I could not take any more of his behaviour to me and our 3 children.

Every weekend and coming home all hours full of alcohol, I know I made the right decision for us. It's been 1.5 years since I left our home. He is still drinking and most times he doesn't even turn up for his visitation.

He also has been dating a married woman in our family home but she has since gone back to her husband. I was devastated and found this very hard to deal with.

He would never talk about any of the problems we had to anybody. I'm more at peace now and so are the kids, but I still love him and would love for the dream to come true. I've only waited 28 years for nothing ...


You've done the right thing - for your own sake and your kids. Unfortunately alcoholism destroys almost everything in it's path, including relationships, families, state of health, career ... you name it and alcoholism can pretty much destroy it.

So with it being clear your husband was not going to change, leaving him was the best thing you could have done. His alcohol consumes his life and you as a family deserve better than that. No one deserves to be 2nd best in a relationship due to the other persons addiction.

It's important that you really begin to move on with your life now and let go of the past. Use this opportunity to find yourself again and how to make yourself happy. Everything in life happens for a reason - and no matter how bad the setbacks or challenges - it always provides us the opportunity to change for the better.

So don't look back at the last 28 years and everything that went wrong - but look forward at the next 28 years and the opportunity that provides for self-discovery, personal growth and becoming the person you were meant to be.

Best of Luck and Take Care.

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Aug 17, 2011
alcoholic husband
by: Anonymous

i have recently left my alcoholic husband,we were married for 32,years,the last five years have been a nightmare,he has been in and out of hospital for the last five years through his drink,and every time he discharges himself,so after 5 years of this i walked out of our marriage,i couldnot tk it anymore,my life was going nowhere,i was just so tired and angry with him becouse he kept refusing the help offered to him time and time again,he is selfish,but he doesnt see it lk that,in his eyes im in the wrong,now he keeps ringing me and pestering me to go back but i dont want to,i want to start a new life for myself,i decerve that much after all those years,i need to start again,

Feb 12, 2011
been there
by: Anonymous

I left a relationship after 10 years a roller coaster ride and alot of money wasted.I have op ened myself a saving account now not buying beer and cig for someone else.He is with another woman who has nothing every time they run out of money he calls me the first few times I gave in I wanted him back but I finally got my belly full telling him no was so empowering I'm still lonely but finding peace.Some where along the line I lost myself taking care of him.Now I've started buying myself thing alone the way I'll be ok and so will you There is no future when your 2nd most of the time.You did the right thing hang in there

Nov 03, 2010
Keep your chin up
by: Anonymous

I applaud your courage. I too have had my husband of 19 yrs leave our home. Although I have not yet given up on him completely I see such a difference in the children. They as so much more relaxed and happy. As for my husband he is keeping a low profile and calls rarely. When he called last it was the old blame game and I had to really start thinking about what the future hold. You are dooing what is best for your family. Keep your chin up. Everything will work out for the best whatever that may be.

Oct 18, 2010
by: Dawn

Im glad you were brave enough to put your children first. GOD BLESS YOU!!

Sep 17, 2010
Sorry to hear about your family down fall
by: Anonymous

My prayer is that God would heal your marriage. I know your husband has to want to heal and want family more than drink. Please take this time to let yourself heal and please remember your children as I know you do. I have learned that if a parent has problems with addictions there is a 50% chance a child will have the tendency also. But you can stop that by the positive actions you have taken. I will REALLY pray that GOD will restore your family to health, happiness, and abundant living. You are on your way to peace and happiness!!!!!


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