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I Know I'm an Alcoholic, But I'm Broke and Can't Afford Professional Treatment

by Sean
(san diego)

I'm 32 years old with a drinking problem. The first thing I do when I get out of bed is make a drink ... and that stays my priority all day. I usually drink about a litre of vodka to myself every day.

I know its bad for me but I'm stuck in a cycle and need a way out. I have responsibilities that I can't abandon ... I can't go to a live in clinic at this time. I am pretty much broke and just trying to find my options.

My blood pressure is about 180 over 120 daily, for the last couple years I have been puking a lot ... sometimes a dozen times in a day. Recently I've noticed my health taking a major hit. What would you recommend for someone like me with no money or insurance? Answer

Get yourself checked into hospital for a few days so you can at least be put through a supervised detox and get yourself sober for a start. To quit drinking cold turkey can lead to severe, even dangerous withdrawals.

Staying sober however and completely turning your life around however is going to take a lot more commitment and work, and probably the best way to go about achieving that is by joining a 12 step program like AA. It's free, and it's helped millions beat their alcoholism.

AA has a bad rep with some because many people don't understand it. But if you're really committed to beating your drinking problem and turning your life around, it will work for you. Many people also mistakenly think it's some kind of religious program, which is not the case at all.

It's quite simply a program that deals with your alcoholism on a spiritual (not religious), emotional and behavioural level so you can leave a life of alcohol and other destructive behavioral patterns behind you for good.

And you'll find loads of people in AA who have achieved years of sobriety, who've never seen the inside of a clinic or rehab, because actually you don't need it if you're committed to working the program.

So get yourself to a meeting locally. Don't feel you need to say anything if the idea makes you uncomfortable. Just sit and listen. You'll be amazed at the difference even that can make. And in time you'll find yourself partaking more, actively starting to work the program, and the changes you undergo will probably shock you (in a good way).

So give it a chance. You can get through this. Take care and good luck.

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