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I Just Found Out My 20 Year Old Son is Addicted to Heroin. Help! I Can't Stop Crying.

by TuffLuff

My son has been shooting heroin for the past 3 months. I found his needles and confronted him and now he is in rehab. He says he was trying to quit but couldn't handle the withdrawals. So his dad and I checked him into detox and he decided to stay for inpatient therapy.

I've read story after story about sons and daughters relapsing, stealing, disappearing, lying. Is there no hope for a first time recovery? Am I just in denial? I feel like my son has died. I can't stop thinking about how he used to be. I can't stop crying.

I'm a teacher and I have to go back to work next week. I don't know what to do. Please don't tell me to go to a group. I'm a single mom. I commute 2 hours a day. I leave at 6 and get home at 6. I have another son that is 14 and when I get home, I drive him to guitar lessons, band practice, football games etc. and I try to volunteer at his school. I don't have time for a group. Is there any hope? Answer

Is there hope? There is always hope and that's something you should always hold on to. Without hope our lives would have no meaning. But at the same time you need to balance that with having realistic expectations ...

Heroin is a terrible addiction - one of the worst - so let's not sugar-coat that. Because living in denial helps no one. But there are loads of people who have beat a heroin addiction. Will your son though? That's a question no one can answer unfortunately ...

But have faith that your son is where he needs to be. He's in rehab getting the help he needs, and learning the tools he'll require if he hopes to stay clean and turn his life around long-term post rehab.

The crux will be though how much he really wants it. Because those that do recover successfully are those that put in the work and effort to really change post rehab. The treatment/rehab phase is really just a stepping stone. The choices your son makes when he leaves and how serious he is about turning his life around, will determine whether he stays clean, or relapses back into a life of addiction.

And that's unfortunately something you have no control over. Hopefully your son does manage it first time around, but you're going to have to learn to develop a sense of healthy detachment, so that his choices don't ultimately end up destroying you too. Because remember you have another son that needs you, so you have to remain strong for him.

It isn't easy, but hang in there and never lose hope that one day your son will overcome his heroin addiction. Best of Luck and Take Care.

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