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I Just Found Out I'm Pregnant and I Am an Active Heroin Addict, What Do I Do Next?

by Sarah
(Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania)

I just found out yesterday that I'm pregnant. I've been shooting heroin for the past month or so after having about seven months clean. I know that the obvious solution to this problem would be to quit cold turkey, but I'm scared that it will harm my baby.

I don't know how far along I am yet, can't be too far because I just found out. Somebody please give me some feedback? If I go to a doctor will Child Protective Services get involved? I know I may sound stupid but I am new to this, and I want to get clean and do what's best for me and my unborn child. Thank you so much. Answer

Get to a Doctor immediately Sarah. You don't want to be putting your unborn baby's life at risk by continuing to shoot up heroin, so you need to get medical care immediately and maybe talk to a Doctor about what your immediate options are ... and maybe them putting you through a detox program to at least get you clean and the drugs out your system.

In the long run though, a normal G.P. isn't going to be able to help you address the causes that led to your heroin addiction in the first place ... so getting specialised help from those that deals with addictions on a day-day basis is what you're wanting to be aiming at.

This is a real chance for you to make a fresh start so you can give your baby a life that it deserves ... so try and somehow get yourself into a rehab addiction treatment program and do everything you can to beat this heroin addiction once and for all.

If you commit to turning your life around now and get clean, I wouldn't see why Child Protective Services would need to get involved with this. Be honest with the Doctors and tell them that's what you're going to do, and they'll no doubt be supportive of that.

And then be sure to get yourself into a treatment program and do whatever it takes to make a fresh start so that your baby will have a mother it can look up to and be proud of. You've got it in you to make that happen!

God Bless and Good Luck

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