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I Feel that Alcoholism is Less of a Disease Because...

by Carol Trotter
(Prattville, Alabama)

I feel that alcoholism is less of a "disease" because it's brought on by the wilful action of the alcoholic. I believe it's root is in the evil of the world.

I've personally seen alcohol destroy people's lives, tear families apart, and hurt children of alcoholic parents even into their own adulthood.

I've witnessed a parent going through alcohol detox, which was much like watching something in a scary demonic movie scene, to the point where I dreamt of the images during the night. It is truly rooted in the evils of the world.

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Opinions count...
by: Anonymous

Ok....I rest my case on the evil thing!! Every situation is different....I am not classifying every addict or alcoholic as good or evil. These are characteristics in my significant other and they have progressively gotten worse turning him into a very unhappy person. There are certain patterns and characteristics of alcoholism...and I feel whether it is a disease? or an allergy? or an addiction? it is an obvious PROBLEM that does much destruction to them and the people who love them...and everyone has a right to their own opinions.

character traits
by: Anonymous

What has "...more like low self esteem..self hatred, not feeling worthy or just plain self pity." got to do with demons and evil?

As far as I know, so far, demons and evil are derived from stories we're told (sometimes movies). The things you mentioned are products of thoughts and the accompanying emotions.

Not everyone with character traits like these you mentioned are alcoholic or addicts. There is no correlation.

There are however, in everyone, distinct and different reactions to drugs of any kind. My girlfriend takes an opiate based pain killer and goes to sleep and has a hard time waking up. I take them and want to go do something. Opposite reactions.

Do I react to them like that because of an aspect of my character?

Is an allergy a disease of some sort???
by: Anonymous

The best solution for and alcoholic is not to drink...but if that was so easy it would not be a problem!!! I guess when it is a loved one of an alcoholic trying to understand, they can not go it alone and that is where the higher power comes in....for both parties. I don't think demons or evil is like on the movies...more like low self esteem..self hatred, not feeling worthy or just plain self pity!!!

Disease or
by: DgsWilson

There are a lot of different opinions on what a disease is. There are even more opinions on evil, god etc.

The closest, best description, or maybe diagnosis, for alcoholism I've found is - allergy. The allergic reactions might best be described as a craving for, or an obsession with, the next drink.

I have the allergic alcoholic reaction myself. I've found a method for "Not Drinking". This method doesn't rely on miracles or gods, and has nothing to do with ideas about good and evil...or movies.

Definite Disease
by: Anonymous

It is definitely evil....most alcoholics do deal with their own demons... that drive them to their addition...whatever it may be. In my opinion it is a mental disease that develops into a physical destructive disease that effects everyone! God is the only way to takes a miracle and miracles do happen.

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