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How to Treat Alcoholism: Important Advice on Treating Alcoholism

Knowing how to treat alcoholism and actually treating alcoholism are two entirely different things. Because ‘knowing’ involves simply accumulating a bunch of knowledge, which isn’t that hard to do, with all the information available today, especially on the internet and on sites like this one.

But actually going ahead and applying that knowledge through taking action is what separates those people that manage to turn their lives around and recover from their alcoholism ... from those that stay stuck in a cycle of addiction.

Alcoholism is a cunning, baffling and powerful disease/illness that will do everything it can to keep you in its grasp. Your mind will try and convince you that there is a better way or that that a particular way won’t work for you ... and so all you end up doing is going around in circles rather than making progress.

So watch out for the resistance your mind shows when I make the following suggestions. The most successful forms of treatment for alcoholism understand the big what is alcoholism question, in that it’s primarily a spiritual problem that requires a holistic approach of healing on the spiritual, mental/emotional and physical levels to overcome it successfully. Which is exactly why 12 step programs like AA have helped so many people beat alcoholism, because they understand that and that’s the approach they use.

Critical Advice on How to Treat Alcoholism

1) Acknowledge there is a problem. Until you admit to a problem, there is nothing that needs to be solved. Denial is the biggest obstacle preventing alcoholics from receiving help. If you doubt there is a problem – look at the state of your life, it probably doesn’t look very good.

2) Ask For Help. Too many people think you can simply tough it out and go it alone. Alcoholism is a complex illness that needs treatment on a variety of levels to be successful. If fear of what other people might think is preventing you from asking for help, you don’t have to shout it from the rooftops. No one has to know, apart from those people really close to you who no doubt would know anyway. There are professionals waiting to help you.

3) Get in the Specialists. I would always recommend trying for an inpatient alcoholism treatment program. It’s intensive and allows you time away from everyday distractions to focus on your treatment. Most insurance companies today cover these if cost is a worry and there are also plenty of government subsidised ones if you don’t have insurance.

If it’s absolutely not an option then consider an outpatient program, but simply talking to your doctor or going for a bit of counselling isn’t usually going to be enough. Alcoholism is too powerful for that.

4) Work Your Recovery. Receiving treatment for alcoholism is only the first part. Working a proper alcoholism recovery program is critical in staying sober and improving your life. This is where 12 step programs like AA are so powerful because they have a proven path to follow that help you grow and progress spiritually, mentally and emotionally like I mentioned earlier.

But if you’ve previously tried a 12 step program and absolutely refuse to do it, find something else you can do that also transforms on the above-mentioned levels. Meditation, yoga, religion, or self-help programs can also work depending on which way you’re inclined.

That’s it. Four simple steps on how to treat alcoholism. It’s simple, but not necessarily easy. I know that. Us humans are complex people that tend to over-complicate things. My advice to you though is don’t. Watch the resistance your mind is now no doubt creating, and go ahead and act anyway.

Circumstances are never going to get better. If you’re reading this, now is the time. And if you need an extra boost, take a look at Addiction Uncovered, a book in which I go into far greater detail what you need to do to beat alcoholism, and where I share my proven blueprint for successful recovery. Plus I go into a few self-help options as well if that’s more your thing.

But whatever you do, just do something. Start with a single step, and then just keep going, one small step at a time.

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