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How Long Would I Stay in Rehab?

I'm seventeen years old and have had a drug addiction problem since I was twelve. I want to turn myself in but want to know how long I'd have to be there first. Answer

Most addiction treatment programs at rehab last between 3-4 weeks. Partly because that is the maximum period insurance companies tend to be prepared to pay for treatment, and partly because you need at least that period of time to learn new life/coping skills to give you the best possible chance of staying clean once you leave.

But for many, even 3-4 weeks isn't enough, especially for a particularly serious addiction, and so some programs can run for months. So it's about being prepared to do whatever it takes to get clean, and if that means staying longer in rehab, then if possible, doing so.

But overcoming an addiction doesn't just end at rehab. Arguably, the more critical part is what you do once you leave - and that's where having a good addiction recovery program to work at is critical. Because making the necessary emotional, mental and behavioral changes that led to your addiction in the first place, is an ongoing process and takes work and commitment.

So having a recovery program to follow, whether it be 12-step based or something else once you leave rehab, is also really important. Going to rehab is a great first step, but understand that its not a magic cure, and represents only the start of your journey towards a new life. But if you stick with it, the rewards will be well worth it, and your life will change beyond recognition. Best of Luck!

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by: Angela

Hi there, at this point it should not matter how long. Everone is different and I hope you go and for as long as it takes. I am a 39 year old mother of a 20 year old daughter who is addicted to Heroin and I am sure when she does not have that she does something else until she can get it again. At this very moment, me,my husband and my son are driving from MO to NM to get my daughter and her 13 month son. The only thing that has probably kept him safe is my parents because they live with them and she finally asked me for help. I pray this gets better because I have been stressed out for other things and I feel like breaking down! When we get back to month that next morning I am taking her to detox and when she is done she is going into a inpatient rehab. When she gets out there are going to be rules in my house just like if she was a little girl and one of those rules is after inpatient rehab she still has to go to outpatient. We will see what happens and gosh I am excited, scared, nervous,sad and everything else! I am scared for the drive back because of the withdrawals and I hate it that her 12 year old brother has to see her like that. I hate that my grandson has to see his mother grouchy all the dam time but I thank god for my parents. When I mentioned this could take up to three months she flipped out. So I honestly don't know how this going to turn out. I have god in my life and no I don't go to church like I should but I have experienced his presence and know when he is there, weird but true. Even if it took 5 months in rehab, you both will have to get help and support the rest of your lives but its better than being in jail or dead. I hope you go...

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