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How Do I Help My 18 Year Old Nephew Get Into Treatment With No Insurance?

My 18 year old nephew overdosed a few days ago for the third time. He admits to smoking pot everday but goes on benders where he drinks, and takes both harder illeagal and perscription drugs. This started when he was 16.

Back then his parents could force him to stay in treatment center for up to a week. Now he is back in a psychatric center because he mentioned suicide at the time he over dosed. The entire family has united and will not allow him to live with us unless he completes an inpatient rehab and agrees to continue outpatient treatment after.

He has promised to get to treatment/therapy and failed twice before, ending in a overdose and being kicked out by family members. My concern is he does not have medical insurance and the family can't afford to pay out of pocket. Where can he go? Did we make the right decison not to take him in? What else can we do?

Also, note that most of the families he would stay with have small children and none of want to expose them to this situation. Answer

Your newphew has to want to get clean and deal with his addiction, and whether or not he achieves that boils down to how badly he wants it, and whether he's prepared to put the work in to make it happen.

So you as a family have done the right thing by not providing him a free run or making it easy for him - by having to experience the full consequences of his addiction, having kicked him out, he's being forced to take responsibility for his life.

And you can't put the well-being of your children at risk, for someone who isn't prepared or committed to take responsibility for their life and the choices they make. So trying to get him into another inpatient rehab program is definitely the way to go, because they're in the best position to help him.

In terms of finding a treatment program with no insurance, try using this substance abuse treatment facility locator, because with it being sponsored by the SAMHSA, it should include options that are government subsidized and don't cost a lot. Under the Q&A section they also have a number you can call for assistance to help you find a program if finances are a concern.

So there are options. It's just a matter of putting in the legwork and making some calls until you find something. Ultimately though, your nephew is going to have to take responsibility for his health and well-being. No matter how good a treatment program, if he isn't committed to changing, no one can help him.

So good luck with your search, am sure you'll find something.

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