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How Can I Stop All My Addictions and Get My Life Back?

I am not sure of anything so I am just going to try this. I need help, my addictions are alcohol and cigarettes, mostly alcohol. I have a great life given to me, everything is given to me by my parents.

Now I am losing my health, my mind and everything around me, I know I waste my money. I am just turning 23 and I have already suffered a minor heart problem.

When I drink sometimes, I keep drinking for almost a week without sleep - and at the end of the week I find that I have drunk about 10 bottles of alcohol such as rum and vodka. I do drink alone often and I do touch all different kinds of drugs but not as often.

Every now and then I find myself wishing that I was dead, not because my life is bad, but because I just cant stop these things I do. I have tried everything and I'm out of ideas, nothing seems to be working.

I can't go into rehab or talk to anyone in my family about this because they just don't get it, I am the only drinker in my family and the only friends I have are all alcoholics.
Hope this info could help.


When you reach the point of desperation where you're willing to do anything to turn your life around - you finally reach the point from which you can successfully overcome your addictions. Some call it their 'rock bottom' and since it sounds like you've reached your bottom, if you're really committed to changing, you'll find a way.

You say you can't go to Drug and Alcohol Rehab. Why not? If you're really willing to change, that's the best place to start. Rehab doesn't miraculously solve all your problems, but it equips you with the 'tools' you need to turn your life around and beat your addictions.

And finances or a lack thereof don't need to be a stumbling block to going through a proper rehab program. Many rehabs are totally or heavily government subsidised so they cater for very affordable payment plans, if in fact they're not totally free. Here's the link to a Substance Abuse Treatment Facility Locator by the US Department of Health and Services, that will help you find something, which includes being able to search for free and cost effective programs.

Many people also successfully overcome the worst of addictions, whether it be alcoholism or drugs, simply by going to regular AA or NA meetings. 12 step programs like these have helped millions of people all over the world overcome all sorts of addictions. And because they're anonymous, no one has to know you're going to them, if you don't want them to.

Your family might not be happy with you about the state you've gotten your life into, but I'm sure if you come clean with them and are totally honest about how things are for you, they'll support you in any way they can. Parents ultimately want the best for their kids, so if they can see you're determined to turn your life around, I'm sure they'll do whatever they can to support you.

So whatever you do, don't think you don't have options in all of this. There are loads of people out there willing and ready to help you. Don't cut yourself off from that. You just have to be willing to go out there and ask for help. If you also want a bit more detail in what other options are available to you, get yourself a copy of Addiction Uncovered. For less than twenty bucks it tells you everything you need to know about overcoming an addiction successfully.

But whatever you decide, take action now. Things seems scary and unmanageable now, but that will get easier with time. Just take it step by step. There is no shame in admitting to an addiction and asking for help. You can do this! God Bless and Good Luck.

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