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How Alcoholism Ruins Relationships

by Cee

I have been married now for 25 years to an alcoholic. I did not realize it for the first 10 years. Busy having children trying to be a good wife and good Mom. I thought I could handle and control all the family issues.

Husband drank and played golf and fished, leaving me with all household responsibilities. In the beginning he worked and seemed ambitious, then began to resent having to work, felt like he deserved better.

He started getting in trouble with the law and has pretty much become a habitual offender. We have three children all good kids. I tried to protect them from seeing and hearing the alcohol abuse. It worked while they were little I thought, but was kidding myself.

Oldest daughter just finished college and is very immature following in her Father's pattern of feeling the world owes her a perfect life. And it doesn't so it is my fault. Middle son great guy just told us he is gay??? Is this something that could be caused by the alcohol? Very masculine and out of the blue he tells me on his 21st birthday!

Then youngest daughter just graduated high school and really seems emotionless about life but is going to college. I feel like I have failed them. I resent my husband and the disease of alcoholism. Do loved ones of alcoholics have all the relationship problems? It seems so messed up. I can not seem to find logic in it all?

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Alcoholism Ruins Relationships NEW
by: Misty Mouhis

It starts experience commonly; you may require doing a store get of whether alcohol is ruining your relationships. For More Information

by: Anonymous


I'm sorry to hear about this, and I hope things will work out for you all. But I did want to say, I doubt your middle son's sexuality has much to do with alcohol.

by: Anonymous

I read your post and I don't read many on here as they don't relate to me or my life. Yours is a description of what I fear will be the outcome for us. I have 3 small children under 5. My wife is alcoholic and recently left filed for divorce and so on. She is naturally recovering now after leaving. NO I did not cheat on here or hit her or anything like that we simply grew apart due to her drinking and we are suffering from major financial issues that she did not want to stick around and help with but rather start a new life. Anyway I read what you wrote and just wanted to put it out there that I can relate. It's not your fault. I find we do the best we can with the cards we are handed. If you can say you did your best by your kids then enough said. As far as how they are and who they have become it is probably a reflection of home life and life experiences in general and part genetics... at this point they are who they are love them for that and try to move on.

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